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MArcomage is an online card game inspired by the classic Arcomage minigame. This card game simulates an epic battle between two empires, involving actions such as constructing buildings, training troops and attacking each other with armies, spells and intrigue. MArcomage brings the original game to the internet, greatly expanding on its ideas while preserving its apperance and core gameplay.

To start playing, simply register an account and use the available match-making features. There are three starting decks to try out and get familiar with the game. Gaining experience unlocks access to the deck editor, card album, replay viewer, card statistics and more.


  • deck building - construct 45-card decks out of a pool of 750+ unique cards, using complex search filters
  • match-making - host a game and wait for someone to join, challenge specific players, or practice against the game AI
  • turn-based - play at your own pace, as slow as you like or as fast as your opponent can keep up
  • interaction - talk to other players via forums, private messaging or in-game chat
  • ranking - player ladder, experience levels, unlockable extra features, achievements, gameplay statistics
  • personalization - avatar images, multiple color and background schemes, various card and game layout options
  • compatibility - support for all popular browsers and modern resolutions, javascript not required but recommended
  • enhancements, not available in original Arcomage
    • new game mechanics (keywords, tokens, card summoning and many more)
    • special game modes (friendly play, hidden cards, long mode)
    • multiple victory types (destruction, tower building, resource accumulation, surrender)
    • game history browser and replay database, turn outcome preview, in-game notepad


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