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MArcomage (Multiplayer Arcomage) is an online card game inspired by original Arcomage. It's possible to play either against a human player or a computer player. Arcomage is a fantasy turn-based card game. This card game simulates an epic battle between two empires including features such as constructing new buildings, training troops and decimating the enemy empire with standard attacks or sneaky tactics such as intrigue or spells. There are similarities in gameplay, but there are differences in cards, game rules and victory conditions.


The game consists of rounds. Round consists of turns. In most cases one round consists of only one turn, but some cards allow player to make additional turns in the same round. In one turn a player can play one card. Then the next turn follows. After end of player's round it's his opponent's round, where he gets to play card(s). This way the players play the game - always one playing cards and the other one waiting for the next round where he can play cards. The cards themselves modify some attributes of the game (such as tower and wall height, resources ...). The game is very simple and easy to operate. There is much information on the game screen, we will now describe some basic information. In the upper left of the screen, your login name is written. In the upper part you can see the navigation bar, which is used to travel between sections.

In a game against a human player you have to wait until your opponent makes his move, so you can continue the game. In a game against a computer player you only need to push "Execute AI move" button to continue the game.

Right below the navigation bar you can see the round indicator, that keeps you informed in which round the game currently is. In the center-left part there is the "Next game" button. You can use it to traverse trough games, in which your turn is. "History" button is used to access game history (previuos rounds of the game). In the center of the screen you can see card history. There are no cards there at the beginning of the game, but later it will hold the card(s) recently played by you and your opponent. Above card history is the notice which informs you which player's turn currently is. When waiting for opponent's turn, you need to refresh the game with our refresh button. Furthermore if opponent's name (above the tower and wall information) is colored green it means that he is currently on-line.

To play or discard a card, you need to select the card first by clicking on the desired card (or clicking on the radio button below the card when JavaScript is disabled). Selected card is visualised by double black border. Then push either "Play" or "Discard" button, depending on the choice of action. Cards that can't be played because of insufficient resources are only partially visible. It's also possible to calculate changes that would be caused by playing the selected card, although these changes will be hypothetical in case of cards with random-based effect. This can be done with "Preview" button, which is operated the exact same way as "Play" button. However, "Preview" button works only if JavaScript is enabled and if hidden cards mode isn't used.