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News and update history

16:00, 16. Feb, 2023

Server failure, downtime and rollback

On 2023-01-31 the third-party server hosting our website suffered a storage system failure, resulting in total data loss. All on-site backups were lost, and the already infrequent manual off-site backups were not being done due to a scheduled service migration in early february. The failure happened literally 3 days before the move, after over 8 years of uninterrupted service. The timing is unbelievable.

The latest available data, from 2021-12-23, has now been restored. Unfortunately this means a rollback of around 13 months. Player score will not be up to date and decks will have to be re-done. Players who started in 2022 will have to recreate their accounts. Some discussions and contributions in 2022 were also lost. A shallow snapshot of the site from late 2022 is available on the Wayback Machine.

Furthermore, the new web hosting originally chosen for the migration was discovered to be unsuitable, and so far no replacement has been found. The site is thus running from an improvised non-permanent location. Suggestions for a (preferably) free service are welcome.

19:00, 16. Sep, 2017

Summer update

  • multiple minor layout improvements
  • Burning - bonus gain lowered to 6 from 11
  • Charge - resource reduction replaced with resource gain (half the charge amount)
  • balance changes (see Modified cards section)

19:00, 31. Dec, 2016

New year update

  • number of starting deck slots lowered to 5 from 8, existing users are not effected
  • card lookup functionality now uses player card display settings if logged in
  • added missing "last change" sort option to concepts section
  • replay and deck button links are no longer displayed on the forum in case of guest user
  • fixed a rare bug that prevented recently logged in users to change their password
  • disallow simultaneous games setting corrected
  • keyword BB code now works with keywords that contain spaces
  • game screen layout improved for small screen devices
  • general item list layout improved for small screen devices
  • reset notifications button renamed to clear notifications and moved to notifications area
  • clear notifications and quote post buttons now have more appropriate icons
  • active games are now marked with battle icon instead of color highlight
  • ready decks are now marked with an icon instead of color highlight
  • player activity information is now displayed as icons instead of color highlight
  • player activity information is now displayed in the games list
  • AI challenges list now only shows detail of currently selected AI challenge
  • tooltip is no longer displayed off screen
  • achievement tooltip text corrected
  • error page layout improved
  • multiple minor layout improvements

Happy new year!