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News and update history

19:00, 16. Sep, 2017

Summer update

  • multiple minor layout improvements
  • Burning - bonus gain lowered to 6 from 11
  • Charge - resource reduction replaced with resource gain (half the charge amount)
  • balance changes (see Modified cards section)

19:00, 31. Dec, 2016

New year update

  • number of starting deck slots lowered to 5 from 8, existing users are not effected
  • card lookup functionality now uses player card display settings if logged in
  • added missing "last change" sort option to concepts section
  • replay and deck button links are no longer displayed on the forum in case of guest user
  • fixed a rare bug that prevented recently logged in users to change their password
  • disallow simultaneous games setting corrected
  • keyword BB code now works with keywords that contain spaces
  • game screen layout improved for small screen devices
  • general item list layout improved for small screen devices
  • reset notifications button renamed to clear notifications and moved to notifications area
  • clear notifications and quote post buttons now have more appropriate icons
  • active games are now marked with battle icon instead of color highlight
  • ready decks are now marked with an icon instead of color highlight
  • player activity information is now displayed as icons instead of color highlight
  • player activity information is now displayed in the games list
  • AI challenges list now only shows detail of currently selected AI challenge
  • tooltip is no longer displayed off screen
  • achievement tooltip text corrected
  • error page layout improved
  • multiple minor layout improvements

Happy new year!

19:00, 17. Dec, 2016

Christmas update

  • refresh your browser's cache to apply the latest page layout changes
  • content changes
    • Cursed (new keyword) if a card with this keyword is discarded, it will be returned to its former position
    • Forbidden (new keyword) card with this keyword can't be used in deck building
    • Flare blitz renamed from Flare Attack, effect changed to "Replace up to N lowest rarity non-Burning cards in each player's hand with Searing fire, N based on played card rarity (Common - 1, Uncommon - 2, Rare - 4)."
    • balance changes (see Card changes section)
  • application changes
    • complete user interface overhaul focused on improving application layout on modern resolutions
    • added in-game cheat menu (AI non-challenge games only)
    • AI challenge decks can now be used by players in friendly game mode (non AI challenge games)
    • added shared decks forum section (works similar to cards, concepts and replays forums sections)
    • in-game card preview is now displayed in standard game visual instead of simple text message
    • card lookup functionality added (hovering over card name will display the mentioned card)
    • all upper menu bar notifications moved to upper left part of the screen
    • games are now ordered by last action like other game lists (most recent first)
    • added sorting by card name option in the cards section
    • keywords can now be sorted either by keyword name or execution order in the keywords list
    • added "steal" card filter in cards and decks sections
    • added new BBcode for cards (has integrated card lookup), concepts and keywords
    • added skip tutorial button in the settings section
    • added CAPTCHA validation to player registration
    • card tutorial now suggests to play the card that AI player would play instead of suggesting all playable cards
    • AI player now has his own nationality and flag
    • country flags are now displayed in replays sections as well
    • automatic game refresh no longer reloads the page unless there is an active game available
    • foil cards have regular but animated backgrounds instead of custom static backgrounds
    • hint tooltip layout improved
    • info, error and confirm dialogs layout improved
    • error page layout improved
    • multiple minor layout improvements and bugfixes
    • multiple obsolete settings removed:
      • avatar display correction for Firefox 2.x bug
      • disable card images
      • number of cards displayed per row in deck editor
      • display avatar in players list
      • display nationality text in players list
      • advanced games list
      • hide card pool by default