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Victory types

The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by reaching one or more victory conditions. The following outcomes are possible:

  • tower destruction - raze the enemy tower to the ground to win - meaning, lower the enemy tower to zero height. Usually achieved by green cards and standard attacks.
  • tower building - build up your tower to height 100 (150 in long mode) to win. Usually achieved by delaying enemy attacks while building your tower.
  • resource accumulation - accumulate 400 (600 in long mode) of resources (total sum) to win. Beware of cards that cripple your stock.
  • timeout - each game is limited to 250 (375 in long mode) rounds. Afterwards, both players' states are compared (in the order: tower, wall, no. of facilities, sum of resources). Whoever has more (in that order), wins. Otherwise the game is declared a draw.

Special rules apply in the case where both players achieve a victory condition simultaneously. If the victory type for both is the same, the result is, logically, a draw. If the victory types are different, the following rule is used to determine the winner:

Destruction victory > Tower bulding victory > Resource victory > Timeout victory.

After the game is finished and a player leaves the game, his opponent is informed about this with "player has left the game" message in the chat window.

Special game end types

Game can be ended in different way when certain conditions are met.

  • surrender - each player can use the "Surrender" button to send a surrender request to his opponent. Surrender request can be cancelled until the opponent accepts or rejects the request. The game will be ended only if he accepts. In such case, player who sent the surrender request will get one loss point and his opponent will get one victory point.
  • abort - when your opponent becomes dead, i.e. does not log in for more than three weeks, you may use the "Abort game" button to end the game. In this case neither you nor your opponent gain victory or loss points - the score remains unchanged.
  • finish - if your opponent doesn't make his turn for more than three weeks and he doesn't become dead, you may use the "Finish game" button to end the game. In this case you'll get one victory point and opponent one loss point.