Free multiplayer on-line fantasy card game

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Newly registered player starts in tutorial mode. While in tutorial, player is directed by visual guidance which helps him navigate the website. Some game sections are not available from the start. These sections are unlocked one at a time when player gains a new level. Game sections are unlocked on these levels:

  1. Decks section - deck customization
  2. Cards section - card database viewer
  3. Replays section - game recordings database
  4. Novels section - fantasy novels
  5. Concepts section - new card suggestions by players
  6. Statistics section - card statistics and other game information

In addition to unlocking new sections, player also unlocks cards in the process. The more cards are available to player, the more varied decks can he use. When player gains a new level, he receives level up message which informs him about the new features he just unlocked. Player gains experience points when playing against computer opponent while in tutorial, which is not the case for other players that already finished tutorial. Tutorial ends when player reaches level 10, all game sections and all cards are unlocked at this point.