Free multiplayer on-line fantasy card game

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In this section you may customize MArcomage. Profile settings contain information about player identity, none of them is mandatory. When filled in, all other players are able to see this information. Account settings are used to adjust MArcomage to player's needs. It is possible to change password, set timezone, select skin and game background image. There are some layout options (described below).

Layout options

  • Players list filter - determine default value of the players list filter
  • Skin selection - select a skin that will be used throughout the whole site
  • Game background - select a game background picture that will be shown in the Game section only
  • Auto refresh - activate automatic refresh in the Games section, which is based on the selected value
  • Cards per row - specify how many cards will fit into one row of the card pool in the deck editor
  • Advanced games list - display Last seen (opponent) and Last game action (game) dates in the Games list section
  • Show keyword insignias - display card keywords in form of an insignia instead of text form
  • Hide card pool - card pool will be hidden by default in the deck editor
  • Play card buttons - each card in game will have a local play button (if playable) instead of global play button
  • Show nationality in players list - display text description of players' nationality in the players list
  • Reverse chat message order - reverses chat order in the chat box (game section). By default chat messages are ordered from newest (top) to oldest (bottom)
  • Integrated chat - integrate chat into the game screen instead of using chat pop-up tool
  • Show avatar in game - display avatars of both players in the game
  • Show avatar in players list - display avatar in players list for all players who have an avatar
  • Old card appearance - display cards with old appearance
  • Mini card flags - display mini card flags (new card and revealed flags) within card picture instead of standard card flags
  • Battle report messages - when active, system will automaticaly send private message to inform you about a game outcome (when it finishes) or when someone accepts or rejects your challenge
  • Forum notification - display forum notification (new posts) in the menu bar
  • Concepts notification - display concepts notification (new concepts) in the menu bar
  • Random deck selection - allow to choose a random deck to play with when starting a game
  • Disallow simultaneous games - disallow simultaneous games against the same opponent

Menubar notification

By default, player is informed about new posts in the forum and new card concepts in the concepts section with small animated images in the upper navigation bar. This can be turned off in the settings section.

RN button

Menubar notification can be reset with "Reset notification" button (this will unmark all new posts and messages, it's the same as doing logout-login procedure).


In the settings section you can upload your own avatar. Avatar must be a jpg, jpeg, png or gif image type, must have at most 10kB and should be 60px X 60px large. If it isn't, it will be resized to this size. Avatars with inappropriate content will be deleted and could also lead to ban.