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New game

You can start a new game against a human player in two ways. First, you can challenge someone to a game by selecting the challenge button in the User screen, which is in the same line as the player, who you want to challenge. The other option is to go to player's details and challenge him from there. Then you need to choose the deck with which you want to play the game. Second, you can wait until someone else challenges you and then accept the challenge. Before accepting the challenge you also need to choose a deck, with which you want to play. The player which goes first is randomly chosen. To compensate for disadvantage of going second, the other player is given one from each resource in addition to his starting stock.

To start a game against a computer player use the "Quick game vs AI" button located in the games section. This way the game starts right away without the advanced game configuration which can be accessed via the "AI games" subsection. Computer player will use only starter decks, however it's also possible to give him one of your decks to play with. Please note that games against a computer player will have the Friendly play game mode always active.

There is a limit of max. 15 simultaneous games (this also includes hosted games). Incoming and outgoing challenges count as games, so try to accept or reject them as soon as possible. This limit can be raised by gaining higher levels. There is no restriction to the number of games played per day or against someone, you can play any way you like.

Alternative way to start a game is to host a game. This can be done in the games section. Select game modes and then use the "Host game" button. When game is hosted any player can join and then the game starts. This way you don't choose the opponent, but the opponent chooses you. When you host or join a game, you must select one of your decks. In both cases the deck selector is located above the games list on the left.

When you have a game where your turn is, it is indicated by animated image ("crossed swords") in the upper part of the screen (navigation bar).

It is possible to choose from several game modes, when starting a new game:

  • Hidden cards Hide opponent's cards - this mode will disable the ability to see opponent's cards for both players
  • Friendly play Friendly play - allows to play games, where the game outcome doesn't effect score or experience of the players
  • Long mode Long mode - starting and maximum tower and wall values are higher (1.5 times), resource and timeout victory condition as well
  • AI mode AI mode - game against a computer player (this mode will also activate Friendly play game mode)

Each player can configure his status in settings section. Player status can be seen by other players and can be used to help you find the desired opponent. There are four options available:

  • status flag Looking for game - you want to play a normal game
  • status flag Looking for quick game - you want to play a quick game (play online until the game finishes without interruptions)
  • status flag Do not disturb - you don't want to play games right now
  • status flag Newbie - new player, this is the default setting

For example if you want to play a quick game, select "Looking for quick game" status. It is possible to use filter in players list section to filter out players with a specific status, so in this case, only players that are looking for a quick game. All icon images have their description displayed when hovering over them with mouse cursor.