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Game attributes

Game attributes: Resources, facilities, resource production, tower and wall

Every player has three types of resources: Bricks, Gems and Recruits, and three types of resource production facilities: Quarry, Magic and Dungeon (generating resources in the corresponding order). Bricks are the basic building material, used mostly for constructing buildings. Magic powered soul gems (shortly gems) represent the magical power at your disposal. And finally, recruits represent your living or fighting power (amount of creatures, soldiers and weapons). At the end of round, for each facility of certain type, one resource of the corresponding type is added to the active player's stock. Example: If Quarry = 3, at the end of round, three Bricks will be added to the stock. The number of facilities of any kind cannot drop below one, and the amount of a resource of a certain type cannot be lower than zero. Your resources and facilities are located in the center-left part of the screen. Opponent's resources and facilities are located in the center-right part of the screen.

Every player has his/her own tower and wall, each having a height. Tower height can be at most 100 (150 in long mode), wall has height limit 150 (225 in long mode). In the case of a standard enemy attack, the attack will first lower the wall. Only after the wall height is zero and some attack power still remains will the tower be lowered. Example: Enemy attacks with an attack power of 25, wall height is 10, tower height is 20. After the attack, the wall height will be zero and the tower height will be 5. There are some cards that do damage to the tower directly, bypassing the wall. Tower and wall information are located in the bottom-left part (yours) and bottom-right (opponent's). Moreover, if some of these game attributes were changed due to effect of some card, it will be indicated by a small number next to the effected attribute. Cost of a played card is not displayed in the changes.