Free multiplayer on-line fantasy card game

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Deck building

Deck section contains list of all decks. For each deck it is possible to see date and time of last modification, so you can tell how old each deck is. To enter deck details click on the deck name. If deck is ready for use (contains 45 cards), its name is highlighted in green color.

Deck consists of 15 different cards from each group. A deck name must be different to all your other decks. Deck building section consits of control bar, where buttons that provide deck modifications and card pool modifications (filters), are located. On the left part of this bar, there are filters. You can use them to filter out the unnecessary cards from the card pool. When a filter is active, it's border color is highlighted with lime color. There are five filters (all of them can be combined):

  • Class filter - selects either Common, Uncommon or Rare cards
  • Keyword filter - selects cards that have specified keyword
  • Cost filter - selects cards that have specified cost
  • Advanced filter - selects cards that have specified card effect
  • Support filter - selects cards that are supportive for selected keyword (i.e. they have the selected keyword mentioned in the card effect text)
  • Creation date filter - selects cards that were added on a specific date
  • Modification date filter - selects cards that were modified on a specific date

Just set the filters and then push the "Apply filters" button. Number of cards per row can be customized in the Settings section. To hide/show card pool click on the Hide/Show card pool button. On the right part of the bar, there are following buttons: Rename and Reset. To rename deck, simply write the name in the text window and click the "Rename deck" button. If you want to empty your deck just push the "Reset" button. Finnaly the rightmost is the average cost indicator. It shows you the average price of card per turn. Please do note that this calculation does only take into account card cost, not it's effect. Below is your deck. When bulding a deck, each of the 45 card slots is occupied either by some card or just with an 'Empty' card (signalling an empty card slot). You can transfer a card from card pool by clicking on the card (or pushing Take button under the card you want to select when JavaScript is disabled).

If you want to remove a card from your deck, also click on the card (or push the Return button under the card when JavaScript is disabled) you whish to be removed. Any changes to the deck are immediately recorded, so it is possible to leave the deck incomplete. Such a deck cannot be used to play a game, though. When starting a game you must choose a deck from the deck list by selecting its name. There is a maximum of eight decks total for one player.

To save deck slots, player can export decks into data files with "Export" button. When such exported deck is needed, player can load it from data file with "Import" button.