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This section provides a tool for managing card suggestion in a structured form. This includes creating new cards, editing or deleting the existing ones. To provide more comfort, while searching for a specific card, there are filters and orderings available. You can even read the developer's feedback from the card state. There are 3 possible card states:

  • Waiting - this is the initial state, card is waiting for analysis
  • Interesting - card has a higher probability of beeing implemented
  • Implemented - card has already been implemented
  • Rejected - card will not be implemented in current form

Card picture

We prefer card pictures to be in PNG format, although other formats can be submitted as well. When choosing card picture, try to avoid copyrighted pictures. Such pictures will be replaced in case the respective copyright holder will request it.

Card template

To create new cards in the Concepts section, that are actually implementable, you need to follow certain restrictions. For example a card effect must be done in a single turn. Continuous effects are not supported. A card can only use/effect data described below:

Game data (both player and opponent has their own data with the exception of round)

  • Tower
  • Wall
  • Quarry
  • Magic
  • Dungeon
  • Bricks
  • Gems
  • Recruits
  • Round
  • Changes done previous round (can be used only at the start of each round, contains data about Tower, Wall Facilities and resources)
  • Tokens
  • Production factor for each facility (default value is 1, multiplies with keyword side-effects)

Card history - cards played during this/previous round

Discarded cards:

  • dicarded by card effect during last round from player's hand
  • dicarded by card effect during last round from opponent's hand
  • dicarded by standard discard action

Card data

  • Bricks
  • Gems
  • Recruits
  • Keywords and effect (supports all filter conditions that are in the deck section). Keywords can have one parameter (like Charge), but it cannot be dynamic.
  • New card flag (whether the card is new or not)
  • Reveal flag (used only in games with hidden cards)
  • Tokens

Unsupported card effects

  • continuous card effects (effects that manipulate future turns)
  • using card effects of other cards
  • card effects based on results of the keyword effects