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sq on 05:27, 7. Aug, 2013
I find this card very amusing and one of a few highlights for a non-keyword deck now that new and new keywords are introduced.

What I would like is a slightly higher chance to get it. I would suggest either raising its cost and making it persistent, or have a support card to summon it (maybe a high cost common card with the same mechanic as magic lamp)
Damalycus on 07:58, 7. Aug, 2013
other option would be to summon non keyword rare or non keyword attack rare
Djinn on 06:33, 14. Sep, 2018
I would also add the suggestion; make it so your opponent (and probably you too) can't draw rares from the effect, since currently the Witcher's monster-slaying can actually put more monsters in your opponents hand than they had before.

If you felt the need to make it overpowered, you could also prevent drawing of uncommons.