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EricHerboso on 21:08, 12. Apr, 2010
Back when Legends gave facilities +1, I'd never recommend it for a common. But now that it does much less, how about giving Lady Ellena the Legend keyword? It would certainly be in flavor.

To compensate, we could reduce the attack to 1 and remove the recruits +1 clause.
dindon on 22:24, 12. Apr, 2010
Legends still have a pretty powerful effect (+1 of a random facility if a rare is in hand) -- too powerful for a cheap common, I'd say.
celticfrost on 22:27, 12. Apr, 2010
It would lead to a free +1 to random facility once you've got a rare card.
Progressor on 06:25, 13. Apr, 2010
Bad idea
dindon on 09:00, 7. Jan, 2011
I really like the new picture on this. Very pretty.

However, I get the feeling I'm never going to see it, because this card isn't really worth taking in any deck (and it doesn't even get drawn by cards like Revolt because it has the far sight keyword). Can we improve it in some way? Maybe something that reflects the fact that she has no loyalties? A special effect if no keyword tokens are set? Destroy all the tokens of your highest keyword and deal 1 damage for every 10 tokens destroyed?
dimitris on 09:03, 7. Jan, 2011
I have her in my Far Sight deck :)
dindon on 09:05, 7. Jan, 2011
Why even have a far sight deck though? Far sight doesn't have any support cards, or any effect that's amplified by having more of them in your hand.
vault on 09:06, 7. Jan, 2011
dimitris wrote:
I have her in my Far Sight deck :)

Far sight deck? O_o What's the point of it? ;)
dimitris on 09:06, 7. Jan, 2011
Because far sight is the best keyword around, and has some of the best cards around.
Lord Ornlu on 12:50, 7. Jan, 2011
vault wrote:
dimitris wrote:
I have her in my Far Sight deck :)

Far sight deck? O_o What's the point of it? ;)

Because whatever deck your opponent has, you can counter it, and you get a mix of attack and defence cards
DPsycho on 18:48, 7. Jan, 2011
I have a Far sight deck, as I've discussed in another thread. It's superbly effective against all but zero-cost decks.
dindon on 21:42, 7. Jan, 2011
My point is, Far Sight cards have no synergy that binds them together. If you take lots of Nature cards in your deck, you'll be able to more easily proc the Nature keyword with your nature Uncommons/Rares, and you'll do more damage with Forest Dragon, and get more gems from Lake Fairy, and so on. If you take more Soldier cards, you'll build your tokens faster and get more recruit refunds. Taking more of these cards raises the value of each individual card.

No matter how many Far sight cards you take, the value of each individual card remains the same. I understand if you like the idea of building a deck with as many Far sight cards as possible as a gimmick. But from a gameplay point of view, it just doesn't make sense to me, unless you believe that, individually, each of the Far sight cards you're taking is superior to any possible non-Far sight alternative. It's like building a Quick deck, or a Durable deck, or a Charge deck (pre-Royal Dragoons change!).

Getting back to the subject at hand:
Why take Lady Ellena when you can take Javeliner? Its expected damage is the same, AND it has the extremely valuable skirmisher keyword (great for the people complaining about Royal Dragoons earlier :P). Rogue does the same thing as Lady Ellena, while reducing enemy recruits and having the Brigand keyword.

Also, I just checked the statistics section, and Lady Ellena is in the bottom 10 least played commons, which speaks volumes.
Mojko on 22:00, 7. Jan, 2011
Yes, but Lady Ellena has nicer picture ;-). But seriously, I agree that she is a bit underpowered. I wrote down a note to revise this card in the next balance changes set.
Lord Ornlu on 01:22, 8. Jan, 2011
I have a Charge/Quick/Swift deck :P
DPsycho on 07:07, 8. Jan, 2011
Dindon, your assessment of Far sight lacking synergy may be true for standard games, but in Hidden they have definite cohesion. You use the Common ones to reveal the cards matching your Uncommon and Rare so you gain their full effect, and stacking your deck with them means that Magic portal can nearly guarantee an Uncommon Far sight where you direct it, ideally matching the color you need.
dindon on 07:44, 8. Jan, 2011
Okay, that makes sense. But I feel like that still doesn't require you loading your deck up with every far sight card in sight. Wouldn't just 5 or 6 commons be enough to get pretty complete coverage? Of the 17 far sight commons, Madame Ellena would be near the bottom of the list.
Mojko on 12:20, 8. Jan, 2011
How about:

If #Far sight in hand > 1
Summons Uncommon card from your deck

Lord Ornlu on 16:59, 8. Jan, 2011
That way the effect would almost every time work. And it's a common costing 1 recruit.

How about increasing the #Far Sight requirement??
dimitris on 15:47, 11. Apr, 2011
OK, I am not saying that I don't play this card, but it can be very good now, as it summons a great variety of some very good uncommons and rares.

I think it would be fair to raise its cost, or have some condition (if new?) added to it.
MeCho on 17:37, 7. Jul, 2016
Can we please change the attack to 1 the card suits many decks and i would love to end someone with it if it only did 1 damage