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Mojko on 18:38, 9. Sep, 2008
It would be nice to show user level in players list. Currently we have following user levels:

- admin
- moderator
- user
- squshed (light ban)
- limited (medium ban)
- banned (full ban)

I would like to have small icons (20x20 pixels at most) pictures for each user level. These pictures must not contain text information (due to its size). Submiting these pictures is the goal of this contest.

Upload these pictures somewhere on the internet (for example and link them in your post or send them to me via e-mail. I will upload them on my site and link them to your post for you.
garbageonly on 23:01, 9. Sep, 2008
Just curious, what are light and medium ban?
Mojko on 09:48, 10. Sep, 2008
Let me see..

Light ban - cannot create new threads, cannot edit posts, cannot send challenges, cannot upload avatar

Medium ban - same as above + cannot create posts

Full ban - cannot do nor see anything