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Mojko on 16:12, 1. Jul, 2008
Favicon is the picture right next (on the left) of the www address. Currently we have a simple picture - it contains a letter "A". We would like to have some better picture.

Favicon must be 20~30 px wide and long and should contain some MArcomage related topic. Best picture will be used in this web-site.

Upload these pictures somewhere on the internet (for example and link them in your post or send them to me via e-mail. I will upload them on my site and link them to your post for you.
X-Factor on 12:50, 30. Jul, 2008
Djinn on 07:15, 11. Aug, 2008
I like it. I will look at X-factor's next.

Edit: So he has multiple entries, I would like the tower ones if they had words. Also, what is the point of separate "download" and preview links?
kakerlake on 16:19, 21. Sep, 2008
i like x-factor's top right corner tower picture.
Mojko on 18:04, 25. Oct, 2008
The best favicon is now revealed! It is one of X-Factor's work. Thanks for help ;).

Changes should be applied soon, thus you will be able to see the chosen favicon.