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Progressor on 20:49, 5. Mar, 2010
With no updates in over a year, and no related function to the game I doubt that this section really has the right to exist.

EricHerboso on 21:00, 5. Mar, 2010
I have no problem with it existing on the site, but I dislike that it takes up valuable navigation menu space. Perhaps there could be a link to it from the Project History section instead?
Lord Ornlu on 23:46, 7. Mar, 2010
you mean the Webpage Tab?
Progressor on 17:48, 8. Mar, 2010
Heprobably meant that.
He probably meant moving the button under or above the project history button.

I realize everybody is probably quite ok with it's existence (though it's button should be moved), but I still wonder if thats sufficient reason to keep it.
If there was (any) prospect of updates...
Lord Ornlu on 23:26, 8. Mar, 2010
I think it was mentioned that the writer will start writing again from next year or something??
FilipeSilva on 12:33, 9. Mar, 2010
I would replace the button for a button to the game manual ( "Manual" )
Progressor on 20:56, 12. Mar, 2010
Lord wrote:
I think it was mentioned that the writer will start writing again from next year or something??

It's been more then a year ago I asked why there weren't any updates.
Realisticly, I don't expect any at all, which is the whole reason that the section is meaningless.
BoneTrash on 23:52, 13. Mar, 2010
I think it's quite nice to have the story on the site even though it's not really getting updated at all.

But I do agree that we should move the button somewhere else since it got no real function to the top menu navigation. It's a button you click once (maybe twice) then never click again, it's not game related as all the other buttons

An other suggestion is to remove this Novel section in the forum, since no one actually posts anything here except for asking if there is going to be any uppdates.

And while I'm at it, change the title page of the Novel a bit with a slight warning that there might not be any updates to come in awhile? I remember when I was new to the site and really looked forward to the complete story, but as Progressor has stated, it probably won't happen.
DPsycho on 03:06, 14. Mar, 2010
I see no harm in leaving the Novels section of the forums as it is. I think the recent move of the section to the bottom was a wise decision.
Spoon on 16:10, 16. May, 2010
I like FilipeSilva's idea of a button directly to the manual. I've found myself having to go back and forth between the manual and a game on certain things I haven't memorized yet (e.g. exactly how many tokens will I get with 4 mages in my hand?).
As for the Novels, I'm very much indifferent. The button does me no harm there, but I never press it.
Chocodile on 21:16, 24. Jun, 2010
I agree with BoneTrash. The novels exist as a wonderful distraction when you first start playing the game, but perhaps they should be moved to the sidebar in the webpage section. Replacing the button with a manual button is also an excellent idea.