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Mojko on 13:17, 31. Aug, 2008
Previous major goal was the forum, but since it's implemented we need to set our next major goal. Of course, there are lots of minor things and tweaking that needs to be done on already implemented things (they will be tweaked in the process). So I would like to hear opinions on what should we focus on. Here are the options:

1 - Printing module for printing output (for example if you want to print cards)

2 - Game modes module (Tournament (win 2 games of 3), Tac team game (2vs2 play))

3 - Game history module for archiving every game (players could browse and view finished games and also it would improve some cards effect (Master of past for example))

4 - ArcoSpy module - a statistic system for MArcomage (top 5 most used cards, top 5 least used cards, advanced player statistics, server statistic, game statistic...)

5 - New player rating system module - a new experience based rating system (described here ). Some discussion about it occured here
Progressor on 15:23, 31. Aug, 2008
I vote aggainst 1
Not much of a priority, and I wonder why you should Implement it at all.

I vote for 3
Since it actually matters for the game itsself
(And you can analize your games, very nice for improving new decks) :-P

The others also have some of my blessing.
DPsycho on 17:50, 31. Aug, 2008
I agree with Progressor. First priority should be given to elements that affect and improve intended game functionality. After that should come more complex game modes and scoring. Last of all should come such aesthetic elements or points of interest as card statistics or printing. Printing would be more interesting if the cards had original art.
Mojko on 18:31, 31. Aug, 2008
Note that statistic system would be a great tool for balancing cards, thus effecting gameplay.
Perfection on 02:28, 1. Sep, 2008
I agree with mojko

if you guys are actually going to balance the cards using this system it could be great

you guys could see that cards like wind, militia, prince of thieves, are hugely overpowered

i think 2v2 mode would be nice too
DPsycho on 04:31, 1. Sep, 2008
Anyone who checks the forum on a daily basis already knows which cards are overpowered. =P
JimmyMethod on 03:59, 4. Sep, 2008
I think implementing a JavaScript notification system (for when you get a challenge or a game needs your attention) would be more important than any of the rest of this stuff.
Endovior on 09:19, 4. Sep, 2008
I'm in favor of #4.
Grotghash on 17:08, 5. Sep, 2008
I really like the #2 idea, and am not very fond of #1.
kakerlake on 18:57, 15. Sep, 2008
i vote for 5!
and in addition to that, wouldnt it be nice to get some additional benefits from leveling up? like every 5 levels you get an additional slot for games (starting with 10 at lvl 1) ;)
Mojko on 10:41, 16. Sep, 2008
Yes, something like that is planned. High level players will have some benefits.
Xenogeist on 04:30, 17. Sep, 2008
2 and 5 sound interesting to me.
Exterminans on 12:29, 21. Sep, 2008
cleary #5 and than #2
Sundancer on 21:09, 21. Sep, 2008
5# since this game is much about rating and everyone would benefit from it because players of equal level will now choose each other as opponents more likely.
Sylonus on 12:59, 28. Sep, 2008
I've been gone for a while, evacuated for the hurricane, but now that I'm back, I'd most certainly vote for number 5, been waiting on it for a while. Also:

If you remember a conversation we had a while back Mojko, an 'incentive' for levelling/improving your ranking, one could earn 'Arcopoints' or the like, to spend on things, like the things we discussed, message me on Kalesandrancor on AIM if you'd like to refresh your memory.
KingPirux on 21:55, 16. Jan, 2009
n 2 is quite nice!! :D
brzydki on 11:58, 23. Jan, 2009
#5 sounds really great!!
satshanti on 15:54, 14. Mar, 2009
#5 sounds great. Second place #4, third number 2. Numbers 1 and 3 I don't care about.
FilipeSilva on 23:51, 18. May, 2009
#1 and #3
marsrover21 on 23:57, 18. May, 2009
Great ideas! In order:

5, 2, 3, 4