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Mojko on 16:05, 1. Jul, 2008
We would like to see a nice image in the upper right corner of the private messages. The goal of this contest is to create a relative small size picture (60~100 x 60~100px wide and long) of a MArcompost stamp. It should be something similiar to those normal stamps placed on postcards and contain text "MArcopost". The best picture will be used in this web-site. Upload these pictures somewhere on the internet (for example and link them in your post or send them to me via e-mail. I will upload them on my site and link them to your post for you.
X-Factor on 22:07, 1. Jul, 2008
This is my first attempt. I don't know it is good. Say your opinion.
Mojko on 13:30, 2. Jul, 2008
Not bad... :)
X-Factor on 14:49, 2. Jul, 2008
Two stamps and one favicon. Preview: Download:
dindon on 05:56, 20. Jul, 2008
My friend (IGN: Shibuki) and I are working on a stamp, and probably a favicon.

Here's the stamp in its current state:

It's sort of inspired by the Pegasus card, and a winged horse seemed like an appropriate emblem of the postal system. We'll probably make some changes before it becomes a final copy, like adding transparency to the edges, but we welcome comments.
Mojko on 21:58, 20. Jul, 2008
I like it!!! Very nice ideed. (I really like unicorns, pegasi and that sort of stuff). But also it is a good emblem for the post - "Pegasi instant delivery" :D.
X-Factor on 16:28, 22. Jul, 2008
Another attempt.
Mojko on 19:48, 22. Jul, 2008
Hell yea! This one looks cool. I like nightmares even more then unicorns :D (see my avatar). "MArcompost flaming delivery" :)
However the picture must be very clear. The pegasi stamp is easy to read even when the picture size is reduced. The nightmare stamp is too dark to see in this case. You can't actually tell what is on that picture when the size is reduced.
X-Factor on 20:15, 22. Jul, 2008
Yeah you right. Here is small one:
It's hard to read it, but it's there. :D
X-Factor on 19:38, 24. Jul, 2008
All my work:
Mojko on 22:39, 24. Jul, 2008
They are all very nice. It will be hard to pick the best *_*.
Mojko on 18:01, 25. Oct, 2008
Since I couldn't decide which stamp to use, I took best 4 pictures and used them all. Now private message has a stamp assigned, which is randomly chosen from all 4 pictures when posted.

Changes should be applied soon.

I took 3 pictures from X-Factor and 1 picture from Dindon. Thank you for your help :)
merchito on 21:20, 28. Oct, 2008
My modest contribution!!
Er... Is it too late? :)
Mojko on 21:21, 28. Oct, 2008
There is never too late ;), we can add some more stamps if they will look real nice.