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Fithz Hood on 09:03, 15. Oct, 2009
I think that this card needs a buff, something like:
tower +3N; N = # of durable in hand (max 3).
Also invaders should be modified, as it is now it's almost useless.
Mojko on 11:16, 15. Oct, 2009
Maybe some bonus if New or if not New?
Fithz Hood on 13:39, 1. Mar, 2010
What if we give it restoration keyword?
Mojko on 15:10, 1. Mar, 2010
Work in progress + Alchemy would be a combo that would make you immune to facility destruction decks, wouldn't it?
Fithz Hood on 15:11, 1. Mar, 2010
yep. so that banish become powerful.
jbryant3 on 15:13, 1. Mar, 2010
Instead, why not have it tied to the number of rounds? Like:
Tower + N/2
Where N = # rounds played

And get rid of durable.
Mojko on 15:25, 1. Mar, 2010
That is unimplementable (if you mean the number of rounds you have played Work in Progress in a row). If you mean only current round number, then it is implementable.
jbryant3 on 15:35, 1. Mar, 2010
I meant current round.
Mojko on 15:40, 1. Mar, 2010
If so, we should add a cap to maximum tower it can add. Remember, it's a common card.
jbryant3 on 15:41, 1. Mar, 2010
That would work for me, say 10-15 (which would mean after round 20 or 30 the card wouldn't be as good.
Progressor on 17:57, 1. Mar, 2010
10 tower for 3 bricks, Durable.
You do realize there is a rare that does the same for 10B?
Id go for a bonus if new, like an additional +1 or +2 tower, or +3 wall.
Or, like Conjurer got, let it jump through your hand.
Damalycus on 23:09, 17. Sep, 2012
How about adding aria to this or some other durables? That way hand will get a litle refresh love!

Imagine playing after tower- deck where work in progress is you last straw. This could turn the tide.
DPsycho on 01:10, 18. Sep, 2012
I don't know that this one needs any more tinkering. I already used it before Runic was added, and that change made this card amazingly better. Far sight means having more than one of it in hand isn't the waste that other repeated Durables prove to be.

For other Common Durables, Aria would be a great addition to clear out duplicates, but I don't think this one needs it. (Then again, I do use it myself, so if people want to buff it further, I won't say no.)
NG_Beholder on 05:59, 18. Sep, 2012
For Chaos wizard or Conjurer I'd say yes, but this one already has very powerful keyword combination.
Ayrton on 18:03, 22. Sep, 2012
Make it swift + if not new
NG_Beholder on 15:49, 23. Sep, 2012
Common Durable Swift with 3B cost? Did you mean Quick? Because this is potential round 1 resource victory.
Efreet on 06:08, 21. Jan, 2024
By far the worst card in the game mainly because of durable since you get no draws

Cost 2B Tower +5 perhaps