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FilipeSilva on 01:44, 30. Jul, 2009
Hello all

Don't you think that "Halfling rogue" made "hidden treasure" not needed in a deck (unless you want ti increase its odds) and it's to powerful (having the discard) without a cost to be a common card?

Maybe its just me.
kakerlake on 09:25, 30. Jul, 2009
it is indeed powerful, but far from overpowered in my opinion.

after a quick card it is impossible to draw a rare. so all you get for playing that quick card is that you get an additional chance of drawing a uncommon and get rid of a useless card.

compared with the old militia (which was overpowered): you gained 1 wall (lol) and had additional 2 chances of drawing a rare.
the militia now will cost you one stock but gives you the chance to draw 1 additional rare.

so i think militia is still better.
Myschly on 16:03, 3. Aug, 2009
Halfling rogue's one of my favorite cards of the new ones, but it's not overpowered. It does make Hidden treasure quite useless to have in your deck, but I've got a deck with both Halfling and Hidden ^^
Progressor on 17:08, 3. Aug, 2009
Ive seen them around both in a deck from Sylonus. Quite interesting deck btw.
Sundancer on 22:25, 17. Feb, 2010
It has been mentioned before and even though I use it in all of may decks I have to agree... this card is incedibly powerfull. It's a Militia without a bonus instead of a malus and it is quick.
I just wanted to start the discussion... I won't suggest any changes since I really like it and there are other cards like Merchant that are also insanely usefull and just belong to everyone ;)
jbryant3 on 22:53, 17. Feb, 2010
This card is totally different than Militia. Militia allows for a rare to be drawn (from the additional card that's discarded). It also swaps out 2 cards (itself and the other) before ending the turn. Halfling rogue, however, cannot draw a rare by itself and the Hidden treasure must be played before the second card can be cycled (and get a rare). While you suffer a stock penalty for using Militia, you also get a wall (which is helpful with Shrine). Both are useful cards but both don't need to belong in all decks.
Noak on 23:32, 17. Feb, 2010
still this card has no drawback? and just using it for its 5+ resources makes it stronger than other zero cost resource giving cards
DPsycho on 23:43, 17. Feb, 2010
Noak wrote:
still this card has no drawback? and just using it for its 5+ resources makes it stronger than other zero cost resource giving cards

Ancient ruins grants more resources, and people have argued that it's too weak (as an Uncommon).

I don't really have anything to add. I feel the card is fine as it is now, unless someone can think of a worthwhile drawback that doesn't entirely alter the flow of its play.
Mojko on 08:18, 18. Feb, 2010
Maybe adding -1 stock?
dindon on 23:56, 13. Feb, 2011
New version:

Summons selected zero cost card in hand (can't summon self)

Wow, this is crazy! I like it.

I wonder if it'll end up being overpowered though. Cloning Return to the Beginning, Overlord, Order of the White Lotus, Invocation, Mediator, etc. with a common? Quite strong.

In any case, it's much more interesting than the previous version, so it's a good change in my book :D
DPsycho on 00:17, 14. Feb, 2011
This will have interesting ramifications for Danai present. The player with the replaced hand is likely to draw Halfling rogue along with several applicable targets.
dindon on 00:20, 14. Feb, 2011
That's a funny thought. Too bad most of the best Danai Present cards are ones that you wouldn't want more than one of (Revolt, Call of the Wilds...).
GreatEmerald on 16:30, 7. Jul, 2016
If the target card is revealed, the summoned card should also become revealed!