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Progressor on 16:41, 20. Aug, 2008
Ow don't worry, it works fine.

But since it's already over 70 pages you have to scroll down a lot. It's a pain in the ass if you already know at which page you have to be. Also when you get the cursor off the drop-down menu accidentally while scrolling in inconveniently disappears.

It would be nice if you could just fill in the page number with a keyboard and press select (with the max page number mentioned next to it, of course). Maybe this selecting way at the bottom and the other at the top of the page.
theultramage on 10:12, 5. Sep, 2008
I wish there was a html control that let you both select from predefined values, and manually enter a value. Sadly I couldn't find one xD
Endovior on 07:12, 7. Sep, 2008
It'd also be nice if you could select by part... say, to go to the newest bit that's been uploaded.
Mojko on 20:20, 7. Sep, 2008
When I designed the novels section, I was informed that one chapter would have 4 to 6 parts. Chapter 3 Ron has more parts then expected, so we need something to handle parts indeed.

Here are the options:

1 - another row in menu (very similiar to the chapters list) - list of all parts of the chapter
2 - a drawdown box (same as page selector) but for parts in the menu
3 - same as 2 but located in the upper part (where page selector is)
Endovior on 13:10, 11. Sep, 2008
I favor #3.
Progressor on 15:33, 20. Sep, 2008
I don't really understand what 2 and 3 do. Care to elaborate?

Since the novel updates come in parts, seperating them like #1 sounds usefull to me, but I might like 2/3 better, I don't know yet.
Mojko on 14:45, 25. Oct, 2008
I added information about part beggining to the page selector list. Pages that contain part headings will have these headings in the page list, so it will be easy to see where every part begins.

So neither of #1, #2 or #3 was picked. I think this is the easiest way to solve this problem. Changes should be applied soon.