Free multiplayer on-line fantasy card game

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tangente on 21:36, 17. Aug, 2008
I wondered if it is possible to implement a kind of "Quick Challenge Button". If 2 players have pushed the button, the game starts. Would be more easy then look through the playerlist to see who is online.
DPsycho on 22:40, 17. Aug, 2008
So you select a deck and opt-in for an automatic game should another player do the same within the next few minutes? Sounds interesting, though you'd likely get the same people over again.
Progressor on 13:42, 18. Aug, 2008
An sort of auto-challenge where the site matches players...
Ive seen things like that on chess sites, but those are a lot bigger. Here you'll probably get the same opponent, like DPsycho said, since not every online player will bother to flip this option on.
Still interesting though