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Djinn on 05:37, 9. Aug, 2008
An opinion:
It gives one the idea that there is a very deep and detailed world behind it all, but little clues make me think the author makes up a lot of it off the top of their head instead a full world-plan before hand. The latest installment fought off that feeling, but the mantraps made me wonder. I also wish to find out what is "bloodscale" can't figure out what it comes from or why.

Near the beginning I thought Adeline's death was a sort of early wake up, but he continues with a dark theme. I haven't had many books like that, but seeing as it stays in the background, it can be ignored.

The book seems clever, mostly in conversations, and that probably took the most time to get it just right.
fajco on 18:08, 16. Aug, 2008
First of all, thanks for your opinion. I really appreciate that.
Bloodscales are the renegade fourth tribe of the Sari'i; so far, one Bloodscale has been featured in the novel (Siessa). The name is derived from the color of the scales on their forearms - deep red, like that of spilled blood.
If there are any more comments or questions, I'll be happy to answer them all.
P.S.: Sorry for the late posting.
Mojko on 10:44, 17. Aug, 2008
I created this thread to discuss questions concerning novels. Also I moved some posts from novels intro here, because intro wasn't supposed to be a discussion (it was meant for information purpose only).
Progressor on 14:11, 20. Aug, 2008
Ive been wondering why so many people got to die. In particular I was a bit surprised when Ron killed the hunter.

Additional question:
Ron was surprised at how much energy there was in her body. She had worked half as hard as Ron and yet was only twice as tired.

Is twice and half in the correct order here? The context suggest not.
fajco on 18:54, 20. Aug, 2008
As far as the first question is concerned - certain people have strange ways of defining mercy. When Ron killed the hunter, he was actually doing him a favor by ending his grief (at least in Ron's mind). You may have noticed that Ron is in great inner turmoil right now; he is confused and does not know what he should do or why. There are parts of his personality he never even knew existed and they are starting to surface. The only thing keeping him sane at the moment is that he has a goal (namely going north and seeking Zrephan).
fajco on 19:01, 20. Aug, 2008
As far as the additional question is concerned - I must have sent Mojko an older file for I have already corrected that. It should only read that Ron was very surprised at how much strength there was in her body because she had managed to haul the crates all the time. Sorry for that. This is the point of this thread (at least in my opinion) - finding things people do not like or deem strange so that I can work on them (or things they like so that I can add more of that). When the first book is finsihed (it ends with Part XII of the third chapter), I will take a few weekends to refine the whole thing.