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JimmyMethod on 19:25, 13. Aug, 2008
What is everyone opinion on being able to use your turn, forgo any resource production and swap two of your card's positions.
dindon on 20:17, 13. Aug, 2008
That seems like a sort of arbitrary thing to suggest. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't think of any good reason to add it to the game.

I can see it being slightly useful for cards like Lich, Black Market, or Tribute, but even then the utility would be questionable, and it's a very niche use.
Deception on 21:07, 13. Aug, 2008
also a little usefull for flare attack
dindon on 21:42, 13. Aug, 2008
Yeah, I forgot flare. But really only nominally useful (same with Black Market and Tribute), since which player is assigned odd or even is determined randomly.

The situations in which it would be useful for that are incredibly specific, and niche-y. If you, for example, wanted to use a flare gem and you had two "Keeper of Souls" cards both at even positions or both at odd positions, then you might move one over to guarantee that you could play one of them after the flare attack. Really, very obscure though.
JimmyMethod on 22:04, 13. Aug, 2008
So is 'Completion Ritual'...

I'd think of it as more of a defensive play against those cards, instead of using them offensively.

The ONLY card with the ability to properly defend itself from cards like those listed above is Fallen Knight.
DPsycho on 22:40, 13. Aug, 2008
This would have been useful before the last update where discards of a certain number always started at the left, but now all such cards discard randomly and those that are self-inflicted generally let you choose one to retain.

I can see why you suggest having players forgo production as it could otherwise be used to accumulate stock without discarding for your play, but there are also situations where keeping your stock intentionally low (opponent has Prince of thieves, Last hope, Earth eater, Mana burn, etc.) could be beneficial and exploitable.
Progressor on 22:51, 13. Aug, 2008
This thread sounds like:
Hi, could you implement a way for us to cheat?
JimmyMethod on 20:33, 14. Aug, 2008
My point was that there's an awkward motivation to play odd cards if you've got a power card that you're saving up for in the even slot, and a vice a versa.
I wasn't saying we SHOULD do it, I was just asking for a discussion.

If it was a card that did it, would you not be so touchy about it?
Progressor on 21:29, 14. Aug, 2008
Nope, you ho fill your deck with that kinda cards ;-)