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Myschly on 17:19, 20. Jan, 2010
How about being able to see statistics on your decks win-rate? (and maybe win-type, loss-type, resources at the end etc)

Features I'd like for this:
-Limit how far back in time stats count. No need to count how well it did 6 months ago.
-Possible addition: Have a choice to also go back X changes to the deck.
-A listing of when changes have been made to the deck to simplify your "search". (Maybe have a default of "show max 10", with possibility to extend the list)
-A graphmaker (this may be a tall order)? Would be interesting to see all your decks lined up on a "win-lose chart", with markers for general updates and changes to decks, with an average win-loss graph in the mix? (checkboxes for what to be displayed and not would also be good).

Too much to implement or fully possible?
Progressor on 18:05, 20. Jan, 2010
-Possible addition: Have a choice to also go back X changes to the deck.
This is, in a way, already there. I use the export feature of the deck editor every time a deck undergoes a major change.
Myschly on 18:44, 20. Jan, 2010
Maybe I didn't word it clearly enough. I meant for the stats. I.e. "Show stats for Deck A, 3 weeks back" OR "Show stats for Deck A, 3 changes back".

So say you made 2 small changes that don't matter, but you made a huge overhaul before that, you can look 2 changes back to see how the overhaul is doing (the small changes contributing to very little change in the stats).
Mojko on 19:05, 20. Jan, 2010
First we need to define what is deck? Deck is a set of cards currently packed together, selected by player. When game is started a deck instance is created and stored in the game. Note the difference between Deck and Deck instance.

Now, I'm not quite sure which one would your statistics take into account. Are you suggesting to create some sort of deck archive which would store any changes made on decks or are you suggesting to use deck instanced stored in game replays (which they are currently not, but that can be done) for such statistics?
Myschly on 20:25, 20. Jan, 2010
Ah I did not know that. That complicates things a lot. I was thinking that a deck slot with name X is a "deck". Change the name, you change the deck (the way I thought about it), so that stats are linked to the name*.

So I don't know what's the best way to do this, or how much is implementable, but just a basic win/loss % and number of games played for every deck would be nice. So if you notice that a deck has 32% win, but your other decks all have above 40%, it might be time to change that 32% one.

* - The reason for this is that I figured generally people don't change the name of the deck without changing the content, and content-changes without name-change not being that big a change.
Mojko on 20:34, 20. Jan, 2010
Deck names cannot be used as identifiers. When game starts Deck creates a new Deck instance and they go their separate ways. There is no longer a relation between them, therefore gathering such statistics is impossible in current system. Note that once you start the game and then you make changes to the deck you used it doesn't change the deck instance used in game.
Progressor on 21:00, 20. Jan, 2010
So if you want to do something like this you'd have to store the deckname in the deck instance. That way the system could link back to a specific deck _if_ that player didn't change the deckname in the meanwhile. Otherwise the statistics have no place to return to.
Mojko on 21:12, 20. Jan, 2010
Deck system redesign would be necessary, since for such statistics we need unique identifiers, deck names aren't suited for such purpose. I will add it to my TODO list, though.

But even then all I could do is to tell you the statistics for a specific deck slot. The problem is how do you define that the deck slots now holds a different deck?
Progressor on 21:21, 20. Jan, 2010
First thought:
Manual reset?

That sounds like something Id do when changing the deck drastically. (In other words: The player defines it.)

Aside that, maybe the system can check the last modified info that's already in the deck section (if it stores that too in the deck instance?).
Mojko on 21:30, 20. Jan, 2010
Manual reset would be possible, but anyway I need to do more research on this before any implementation can be done.
Myschly on 21:38, 20. Jan, 2010
Manual reset does seem like the best bet possible. A good feature might be to record when the deck slot was last reset.

Might be best to keep the feature as basic as possible anyways, so as to not clutter up the site with too many features ^^
Mojko on 16:33, 8. Dec, 2010
Implemented in r1261. Changes will be applied in the Christmas update.
dindon on 17:39, 8. Dec, 2010
Awesome! I can't wait.
dimitris on 18:02, 8. Dec, 2010
Yeah, this will be useful!
Some time ago I used to keep an excel worksheet about deck statistics, but it didn't last more than 2-3 days :P

Thanks a lot.
Mojko on 18:58, 8. Dec, 2010
Deck statistics will have to be reset manually (or when deck is reset), so it's up to the player to decide if the deck has changed so much that it needs to be reset. And it took only a year to implement @_@. Well, as they say "better later than never" :P
NG_Beholder on 14:04, 11. Apr, 2011
How about some statistics improving?
What I'd like to see: battle reports have many fields like outcome, victory rating, awards etc. Can these parameters be recorded as wins/losses/draws now, so we can see how many major victories/survivor awards/resource losses has this deck?
Sorlag on 16:46, 17. Dec, 2014
It is possible to check time of game creation and time of deck reseting to not change deck slot statistics if finished game have used out of date deck?

Currently it seems that if one starts a game and then changes a deck and reset statistics, after game ending statistics will be changed.
Mojko on 20:09, 17. Dec, 2014
We would need to store more data just for that purpose. Also, it's not as straightforward to implement such feature as it might seem. I think the current deck statistics system is a reasonable trade-off.