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Djinn on 08:52, 10. Aug, 2008
I think that the picture for Sagittarius should be changed to some resembling the constellation.

I have noticed that many of the pictures on the cards are from a copyrighted source. I sent an e-mail for a list to be created giving citing sources, but did not see it come up, nor got a reply. This topic worries me greatly, seeing as a site can be shut down for those reasons.
dindon on 12:36, 10. Aug, 2008
I agree with you on the copyright issue. I don't think the site is in any real danger of being shut down, though. The images used on the site probably fall under "fair use" for a number of reasons:
- they're not being used for a commercial purpose
- the substantialness of borrowed material is small (very low resolution images)
- the effect on the work's value is negligible

I just think it would give the game more character if it had original artwork, preferably in the same style. I understand this would be a pretty large undertaking though, considering the number of existing cards.
DPsycho on 15:15, 10. Aug, 2008
I've wondered the same about the images that uses copyrighted material. It isn't an issue as long as the site doesn't experience a surge in popularity, but it if ever does, it could be our undoing.

Perhaps we could solicit original art from the player base? I think it could be fun. I wouldn't mind having one of my own pieces of artwork scaled down to card size.
Djinn on 07:13, 11. Aug, 2008
I hope it's alright, usually the owners like that of Ubisoft will cause trouble wherever they can.

I would gladly try and construct something, maybe I can get the scanner to work.
Mojko on 23:48, 14. Aug, 2008
Since I can't draw very good myself the only source for the card pictures is the internet. I won't be listing picture sources, because it's nearly impossible since they were found trough Google images.

If some company will notifiy us, that we are using their images and they don't like it, we will delete the specified images.
Djinn on 02:37, 28. Aug, 2008
Alright. I now remember where I know Dragon Whelp, the front cover of the Phoenix book from the Vlad Taltos series.