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Lord Ornlu on 12:20, 31. Dec, 2009
We could add a Demon keyword to reflect the Might and Magic universe even more :)

I think we could use this new keyword since many players choose to play Holy decks and a Demon deck would make a match between the 2 even more interesting. Especially if it's designed to fit with Undead decks
Progressor on 12:27, 31. Dec, 2009
And what should it do?
Lord Ornlu on 13:18, 31. Dec, 2009
Well it could destroy enemy resources (e.g. stock -4 if common Demon card played, stock -8 for uncommon, stock -12 for rare). Another suggestion would be to zero the set opponent's tokens. Or it could also discard Holy cards (much like Holy cards discard Undead cards)
Lord_Earthfire on 07:58, 4. Jan, 2010
Maybe it could be a counterpart to the mage Keyword like:

basic gain 10, bonus gain 3,
side-effect (Chaotic Force):
If (Magic - Enemy magic < 2) Enemy Magic: -1 else Enemy Gems: -10

Would be quite usefull against mage or Burning Decks
Lord Ornlu on 10:39, 4. Jan, 2010
That sounds like a good idea too :)
Lord Ornlu on 22:23, 7. Jan, 2010
In the cards I make I use bricks as well as recruits, to resemble sulphur. Is gem cost more suitable?
There are hardly any decks using up bricks unless they are Unliving
Lord_Earthfire on 22:37, 7. Jan, 2010
I would say that its more like gems. compare with burning, they would use something like sulfur also :)
Lord Ornlu on 22:38, 7. Jan, 2010
True, but far too many decks use up gems and recruits, leaving bricks untouched for easy wall and tower upgrades. Most often I finish a game where me and my opponent have stocked up bricks.
Lord_Earthfire on 22:46, 7. Jan, 2010
Nah, it's depending how you build your deck. because i play quite defensive, i, for example, have masses of recruits left instead of bricks.
Anyway, many wall+ and tower+ Cards uses bricks, and some demon cards can it also.
Noak on 22:53, 7. Jan, 2010
Seriously thou to keep things balanced all your deamon cards have to be really weak if they are offensive brick cards, compare to unliving
Lord_Earthfire on 22:55, 7. Jan, 2010
It's not like where only using bricks to the demons. I think the most demons are mixed cost Cards.
Lord Ornlu on 23:00, 7. Jan, 2010
hmm true :) just made an observation there hehe
Myschly on 10:11, 11. Jan, 2010
I don't like the idea of coming up with the name and the function later. Just want to point that out.

On the bricks issue: Bricks are designed to be the "less desirable" of the resources. Look at Merchant as a perfect example. Costs 1 of each, gives +5 gems or recruits, or +6 bricks. You start with more bricks, etc.
Bricks are generally defense. I think they're used just fine now. If you want offense with your bricks, get Storm of bricks ;)
jbryant3 on 21:51, 12. Jan, 2010
I agree with Myschly as I believe that brick cards should be used defensively. That being said, I also think unliving cards in general are underpowered. In neither of those circumstances do I think a new set of cards (Demons) should use bricks. Furthermore, I don't see a need for this keyword (destruction is a much better fit for facility reduction). Aqua, on the other hand, is unique, and I think it fits better in this game.
Lord_Earthfire on 21:53, 12. Jan, 2010
Then you could spare at the same way the mage keyword, since the Demon Keyword is the counterpart to this.
Oh, i miswritten myself in the keyword sideeffeckt. fixed it.
And anyway, there are only 3 Cards which use bricks offensively which have the demon Keyword. It was only a suggestion of the side of Lord Ornlu.
jbryant3 on 21:55, 12. Jan, 2010
The mage keyword is already in existence and I think that plays well for those card given their gem dependence. This suggestion is something new and not different enough for my tastes (I'm terrible at coming up with unique things - unlike Fithz.)
Lord_Earthfire on 21:58, 12. Jan, 2010
From my point of view, this Keyword is designed to be an counter against alliance, holy, mage etc. because of the gem lost and the card effeckts.

And, Unliving and soldier keywords aren't that different also ^^
dindon on 22:27, 12. Jan, 2010
"On the bricks issue: Bricks are designed to be the "less desirable" of the resources. Look at Merchant as a perfect example. Costs 1 of each, gives +5 gems or recruits, or +6 bricks. You start with more bricks, etc."

This is something that's always bugged me. I don't really see any reason why there should be a hierarchy of resources, or why tower destruction victories should be favoured over tower construction (there being so many more attack cards vs. construction cards, and so many keywords that favour tower destruction). :shrug:
Lord_Earthfire on 21:36, 2. Mar, 2010
Back to the Keyword:
I thought about the Keyword and wanted to make it more individual:

Basic Gain: 16, Bonus Gain: 4, Side-Effect (Mana-Flames): Convert an amount of Enemy Gems equal to the Rarity of last played Card (C: 2, U: 4, R:7) into attack.

Basic Gain: 5, Bonus gain: 5, Side-Effect (Hell's Escape): Next Card received will be last Card played. Add Gems equal to the Rarity of last played Card (C:3, U:6, R: 12)

If you got a "Hell's Portal" in your Hand while playing a Demon Card, and if #Gems>13, replace one "Hell's Portal" on your Hand with a Demon Card of the Higher Rarity and reduce your Gems by 13.
If last Card played while triggering this effect is rare:
Gems: +33
Progressor on 12:24, 3. Mar, 2010
1 Is a nice idea.

2 Doesn't really suite Demons, it's the effect of the more 'good alligned' Restoration (the card).

3 Too specific too be interesting, not fun. Looks more like a junk of text then a good idea.