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Sundancer on 23:36, 25. Dec, 2009
I just incidentally created a hosted game and I am not sure which deck was selected... but since I can't see which of my decks I chose for each of my hosted games I'd have to cancel every single one to make sure the one with the wrong deck is deleted.

It would be nice to show which deck was chosen for own hosted games :)

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Djinn on 05:50, 22. Jun, 2014
The above is ancient, but it would be pretty nice to associate specific deck with specific game in various Games listings.

It's also convenient for when you want to look at something that happened in a current game, but you only remember the deck you used that game, and not who you played it with.

(Sadly, I'm not actually sure we have room for another column on said lists, but I don't really know what screen size most people use anyway; I know the format is already completely huge on some [apparently being non-resizing, although maybe never intended to be].)
theultramage on 07:51, 28. Jun, 2014
Currently the game only stores the minimal amount of deck info necessary to work (the CDeckData structure, which only contains the list of cards and tokens configured). To add the name in there (which is higher-level information stored elsewhere) would not be the best choice. Also, the set of cards ingame might not correspond to any of your current decks, if you made deck changes after the game was started.

An alternative would be to just let you view your ingame deck at any time. The name might not matter as much as seeing the actual contents.
DPsycho on 14:23, 28. Jun, 2014
That doesn't help for the described situation, however, allowing the player to scan the hosted games list and quickly identify the one created in error.

Would it be difficult to have the system make note of the name of the deck at the time of creation of the hosted game? For this purpose, it could even be discarded once someone accepts and the match begins. It wouldn't matter whether the deck is later changed or renamed since it's just a reference for the one player during those few minutes. Alternately, give the player creating the game an option to add a label, still only visible to him/herself, though that would slow the process of creating games and would probably be ignored.