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Mojko on 17:51, 25. Dec, 2009
We are looking for a moderator to supervise our forum. A moderator must be an experienced player who reads the forum daily. If you're interested, sign in here.
Progressor on 18:12, 25. Dec, 2009
I can't do it daily. Im willing to do it as often as reasonably possible, but daily just not feasible to me. I feel like I read the forum often enough, though, with current activity rating.

Furthermore, I recomend to add to this thread what exactly MAcromage expects from a mod.
Mojko on 18:28, 25. Dec, 2009
What is expected from a moderator:

- help players with game play related questions
- maintain the forum (merge/split threads, move threads between sections)
- keep the discussions in the bounds of discussed topic
Chrone on 19:11, 25. Dec, 2009
I think i can do it, but i cannot guarantee everyday presence at holidays.
DPsycho on 22:21, 25. Dec, 2009
I would be willing to take on such a responsibility. I find that I catch up with posts to the site three or four times a day on weekdays, often more so on weekends. I also tend to be an early respondent when people post threads about questions or issues they are having with the game.

I also wouldn't take it personally if I'm not selected over someone who is arguably more eager to take the job.
Mojko on 08:34, 28. Dec, 2009
All right guys, I was doing some research on your contribution to the forum. I picked DPsycho and Progressor. It is very difficult to say who is the best, so we will have a little test :).

I will grant both of you moderator privileges for 5 days. First 5 days will DPsycho be a moderator (starting tomorrow), the next 5 days Progressor (I chose alphabetical order). You will see if you like it and I will see what will you do.

After this testing period, we'll see ;)
DPsycho on 18:53, 28. Dec, 2009
Alright, then. I'll do my best!

I can't help but wonder, though, why not just give us both the privileges? We're equally active and (I hope, anyway) equally respected by other players.
Progressor on 19:00, 28. Dec, 2009
Some point there.

We both cover another timezone. :-P
Mojko on 19:06, 28. Dec, 2009
I already thought about that and I am still considering it as an option. Still, I want to test you separately.
Mojko on 10:42, 8. Jan, 2010
Contest closed. New forum moderators are (in alphabetical order):

DPsycho from USA and Progressor from Netherlands (Europe).

Congratulations ;-)
Fithz Hood on 10:43, 8. Jan, 2010
good choice.
Progressor on 00:13, 9. Jan, 2010
I still wonder how Ive been 'tested'. :-P
DPsycho on 00:23, 9. Jan, 2010
I figure it was probably a matter of neither of us going mad with power. We demonstrated that we can be trusted with it. =D
FilipeSilva on 01:21, 9. Jan, 2010
I would say that if the parameters of the test be public the future moderators (some years from now :-) ) would be in advantage :-)

I would say that the participation in the forums and cleaning the empty entries were some of the factors ...