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Progressor on 14:36, 5. Aug, 2008
At the moment you have to scroll down a lot to reach the button. That, while IRC would be a lovely method to find quick games and ask short questions.
Especially if more people use it. With Firefox you can get the add-on Chatzilla to use IRC.

So I request a more accesible IRC button, and request more people using it.

See you there, I hope ;-)
amaster on 00:28, 6. Aug, 2008
Most people don't know its existence. ;)

BTW I believe there are very few people (2-4) on the IRC channel (I tried once, sat for half day, no one messaged anything) so very few bother to login.
Progressor on 19:55, 6. Aug, 2008
Did say anything yourself?

I think just more people should come to IRC. If so, anything you put up as a problem will just solve itself.
amaster on 23:37, 6. Aug, 2008
I believe I said "hi" but no one responded.

Well the problem is similar when you first open a forum. It's so silent that no one cares to visit and post.

Or when you find your first job to gain experience, but the boss doesn't want to hire someone without experience.
Sylonus on 09:03, 7. Aug, 2008
I didn't know we had an IRC, I use Trillian which has an IRC client built in, I'll certainly log in when I'm in a playing mood, I'll look itup.
Progressor on 14:14, 7. Aug, 2008
Thats the spirit ;-)
Progressor on 16:36, 15. Aug, 2008
I found a solution for me.
Chatzilla has the option to automatically connect to a channel at start up.
No doubt mIRC has this option too.

Now all we need is more people at IRC.
Voker57 on 16:25, 16. Aug, 2008
People want more people in IRC to come there. That's a bad circle.