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Mojko on 15:30, 1. Jul, 2008
In this section planned new features should be discussed. Major changes will be placed here by admins (new rating system for example) and will be always discussed here before implementation. This is a place where a player can place his opinion on the matter. Also if players have some new feature ideas, they can post them here and discuss them with others.
theultramage on 21:46, 1. Jul, 2008
I would also like to mention that we welcome any external developer help.
So far there has been little interest in the project's actual code, which is understandable but at the same time it hinders the project's progress.

We use a classic Subversion repository + Trac frontend approach. All of the source code and setup files are freely available, so if anyone has ideas for code improvement or fixes, please let us know ^_^
Sylonus on 09:13, 3. Jul, 2008
I'd love to help with the site, and thoroughly enjoy the game, but my only real code familiarity is C++, and it's years old, unused, and wasn't very thorough to begin with, I'll help if I can, but, I strongly doubt I could help much in this area. However I'd love to do what I can to develop/balance cards, game or site mechanics and ideas, and/or moderate boards, or what have you, I'm also not very good with graphic design, I noticed all of the contests were basically derived from graphic design, lol. :(
MaskedHalfling on 18:32, 18. Sep, 2008
I am a software engineer by trade, but I mostly work in Labview right now. I have been meaning to learn a new language, this might be a good time to learn. I am willing to help with the development, I have started to read about PhP, looks pretty straight forward. Drop me a line, and we can start discussing what I can help out with.