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Mojko on 07:53, 9. Feb, 2010
Please make specific suggestions. Make a screenshot and point out your suggestions - where the change applies, what skin...
Chrone on 08:24, 9. Feb, 2010
I don't like any presented skin. They don't match with game information display, so i turned off exceed pictures.

Edit: messed up background pictures and skins. Anyway, i don't like any skin except for the old one.
aniserg on 23:10, 25. Oct, 2010
it would be great if player can upload its own images for background...
Made with FF and Stylish plugin:
aniserg on 10:37, 15. Dec, 2010

I think it would be great if Refresh, Play and Discard buttons will have different colours, like this:

FireFox 3
Stylish plugin (custom css)
GreaseMonkey plugin (custom javascript)