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theultramage on 18:18, 1. Aug, 2015
Summer update was just deployed, database maintenance done, and backups replicated.

r2056 Card statistics are no longer updated when AI mode is active.
r2067 Profile link added to battle report message.
r2068 Titan keyword effect no longer takes into account played card.
r2069 Random resource gain and reduction now uses weighted random choice.
r2070 Random resource filter added.
r2071 Token keyword effect change now displays correctly even in the case when token counter was filled up within a single turn.
r2077 Dark green skin layout improved.
r2079 Discarded cards processing system changed from diff-based to log-based.
r2083 Summer update balance changes.
r2084 Summer update new cards.
r2086 Gentle touch award description corrected.
r2088 Awards descriptions improved.
theultramage on 18:05, 26. Sep, 2015
r2096 Graveyard term formalized. Help and FAQ sections updated.
r2099 Persistent cards now reveal their new position in hand.
r2100 Burning, Dragon, Flare attack, Holy, and Horde keywords now reveal replaced card.
r2101 Beast bonus token gain increased.
r2103 Destruction resource reduction effect lowered to 6 from 10.
r2105 Autumn balance update.
theultramage on 18:43, 29. Oct, 2016
Halloween update deployed an hour ago.
theultramage on 19:13, 17. Dec, 2016
Christmas update is live. Let us know what you think about the new design!
Sorlag on 23:02, 17. Dec, 2016
Interesting. I hope we would like new design more then old one.

How about redirect from /test/?
dimitris on 14:03, 18. Dec, 2016

UI seems interesting, though it will require some getting used to it, with all the new icons etc.
Overall it seems to be targeted more on small screens. In UHD (or even 1440p) seems somewhat condensed, especially the Forum section. As is most part of the whole web these days it seems.

Anyway, it's in a good direction I think.
theultramage on 01:14, 19. Dec, 2016
It is possible to define display rules for screens of various types. I guess most places don't bother. I expect that the current appearance will be refined over time.
Mojko on 04:17, 18. Sep, 2017
r2765 Summer update balance changes.
r2766 Printing styles corrected.
r2767 Minor performance optimisation - always include non-executable (favicon, css) files before executable files (js).
r2768 Toggle dialog component added (doesn't require JS to work). Deck filters UI cleaned up - filter components moved to toggle dialogs.
r2769 Post update fixes: joining a game no longer redirects player to the game (after tutorial), Message max length increased, keyword insignias size increased, Last action in game list now also contains time.
r2770 Code clean up (moved styles to more appropriate place).
r2771 Discarded cards layout corrected.
r2772 Time info added to hosted games list.
Mojko on 01:11, 15. Oct, 2017
r2773 Chat message text area is now automatically focused after chat dialogue is opened. Last instances of layout tables removed.
Mojko on 18:44, 22. Oct, 2017
r2774 Explicit imports added. Number of players per page lowered to 30 from 50.
Mojko on 04:25, 10. Nov, 2017
r2775 Various layout improvements.

- deck layout improved on smaller screens
- achievements layout improved on smaller screens
- keyword link for keywords with values corrected
- avatar area layout in game improved
Mojko on 07:02, 11. Dec, 2017

- game achievement counter never exceeds the highest achievement condition
- multiple minor table layout improvements
- hidden card layout corrected
Mojko on 03:37, 20. Jan, 2018
r2779 Frontend libraries update.
r2780 Steal stock corrected (negative values are now handled correctly).
r2781 Magic lamp resource gain lowered.
Mojko on 06:27, 15. May, 2018
2782 FAQ updated.
theultramage on 17:36, 28. Jul, 2021
My apologies for the outage that lasted from 2021-07-23 until 2021-07-28. A server upgrade malfunctioned and made it inaccessible, and the operator was either unavailable or had minimal time to investigate, plus it took several attempts to locate the cause. It really shouldn't have taken this long (the upgrade downtime was supposed to last 10 minutes...).

(Details: do-release-upgrade from ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 caused the virtio network device to be renamed from enp2s1 to ens1 with no warning, which then resulted in ifup: Cannot find device "enp2s1", which then resulted in the server not having an ip address.)
Djinn on 18:15, 29. Jul, 2021
Glad to have you back! I was worried, particularly since I'm not on Freenode anymore and I couldn't exactly remember the e-mail addresses for either of you two. I have those recorded now, at least.
theultramage on 14:50, 31. Jul, 2021
You can always fish that information out from the wayback machine. It visits us every now and then. I'm also glad I finally got it resolved. One more day and I was about to redirect the site to a second server with a placeholder message.
theultramage on 11:55, 25. Feb, 2023
[placeholder post until change tracking services are up]

2023-02-16 Recovered website after host server failure. Unfortunately only an old off-site backup was available, and the entire system had to be reconfigured from scratch, which took a long time.

2023-02-16 Fixed an incompatibility with IPv6 addresses, which the site now supports.

2023-02-17 Fixed replays not being viewable due to a php incompatibility.

2023-02-19 Fixed broken links on webpage, updated link to irc channel.

2023-02-25 Corrected 'Emissary of the afterlife' failing to play due to a php incompatibility. Verified all other cards as well.

2023-04-24 Restored functionality for svn and trac development pages.
theultramage on 05:57, 8. Jun, 2023
Restricted crawler access to svn and trac. Likely caused a memory exhaustion failure on the host, leading to a website outage. Adjusted settings to hopefully avoid a repeat.

It did repeat. Apologies for the downtime. Added much stricter checks and rate limiting to deal with the sudden huge volume of bot traffic.
theultramage on 11:11, 1. Jan, 2024
2023-12-31 Locked trac access due to heavy bot crawler activity still overloading the host. Added prevention against further crashes but had to do the abovementioned change because it also affects access to the main site.