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theultramage on 18:13, 24. Sep, 2011
r1583 FAQ updated (private MArcomage setups)
r1584 New AI challenge added - Myr the Magelord.
r1585 Foil cards feature implemented.
r1588 Players section is now public.
r1590 Google +1 button replaced with Google plus business page placeholder (until business pages will available at Google plus). Facebook link icon replaced with a smaller one.
r1591 Next game button functionality extended. In addition to games where player turn is, it also covers games where player's opponent sent surrender request (which has to be resolved) and games that are finished (player needs to quit them to free game slot).
r1592 Last change in table decks is no longer handled automatically by DB, but rather by application (which depends on specific situation).
r1593 New balance changes.
r1594 New cards added.
theultramage on 19:09, 24. Dec, 2011
r1611 Google plus link added to welcome page.
r1612 Horde keyword added. Banish keyword adjusted.
r1613 New balance changes.
theultramage on 11:56, 31. Dec, 2011
r1614 Card terminology of multiple cards corrected.
r1615 Persistent cards filter added.
r1617 Use of Palisade card name corrected (followup to r1614).
r1621 Duelist card effect corrected.
r1623 Login page main title layout improved.
theultramage on 08:22, 11. Jan, 2012
r1633 AI challenge decks updated.
r1634 Gilgamesh the King of Heroes AI challenge added.
r1635 New balance changes.
r1636 New cards added.
r1638 'Persistent' filter option added to cards section.
r1639 Statistics section layout improved.
r1640 Card name corrected.
theultramage on 14:39, 24. Jan, 2012
r1643 Author and card rarity columns swapped in the concepts list.
r1645 Replay data is no longer mandatory - a game can be manipulated even when replay data is no longer available.
r1647 System messages are now permanently deleted once user deletes them.
r1648 System messages cleanup script added.
r1650 Gilgamesh's deck updated.
theultramage on 21:30, 7. Apr, 2012
r1651 Game refresh now jumps to the next game if it is not player's turn in current game and there is an active game available.
r1665 Avatars are now displayed even for players that are using the default avatar.
r1667 Gilgamesh's deck updated.
r1669 New balance changes.
theultramage on 20:59, 24. Jun, 2012
r1676 Multiple keyword changes (Durable, Illusion, Rebirth). Added Aria keyword.
r1677 New balance changes. New cards added.
theultramage on 11:48, 9. Sep, 2012
(sorry for the delay, update was supposed to go up yesterday evening)
r1692 Foil cards images updated.
r1693 Added an option to play with AI challenge decks for admins.
r1694 New AI challenge added - Duroth the Eternal.
r1695 New balance changes.
theultramage on 07:38, 2. Oct, 2012
r1696 Speed up all page loads by 4 ms, speed up most notification checks (4 ms).
r1698 Speed up New Posts notification check (4 ms).
r1699 Make database connections persistent to remove repeated login overhead.
r1705 Windmill card effect corrected.
r1706 Added missing index on a forum table. This oversight caused 2 years of increased server cpu load and a 200ms delay on every forum page view.
theultramage on 16:49, 11. Oct, 2012
Renewed expired SSL certificate (forgot to put it in my calendar -.-). You do know works, right?

Fixed DNS record for after discovering issues with mail delivery from startcom's weird server setup. I was suggested to replace the CNAME record for the root domain with a direct A ip address record, which I did. Among other things, this was overriding the name server list for our domain, which might have been the cause for ?location=Forum_thread&current_thread=2250&thread_current_page=1 (no evidence though). Now waiting for the old records to expire from cache.
theultramage on 19:58, 24. Dec, 2012
r1710 Game turn timeout system implemented. Player can now specify turn timeout for each game. Player can make an AI move in opponent's stead if he exceeds game timeout. Default turn timeout can be specified in settings.
r1711 Auto AI move system implemented. Player can now configure the AI to make its move automatically.
r1714 Card level mechanic added to deck editor. Player can now only choose cards that pass the level requirement based on player's level.
r1715 Level, experience bar and achievements link added to player info in the upper navigation bar.
r1716 Registration improved (added auto-focus on registration and login input elements, smart ENTER navigation and some minor layout improvements).
r1717 Game start redesigned. Old tutorial removed in favour of simple introduction message which automatically starts the game. Some cards and game sections are now hidden for new users and can be unlocked by gaining new levels.
r1720 AI is considered to have same level as player when calculating EXP.
r1722 Play card buttons, leave game button and playable cards are now highlighted for new players.
r1729 Default value of card rarity filter in deck section is now 'any' instead of 'common'.
r1731 Duroth's starting tower and wall increased.
r1733 New balance changes.
theultramage on 22:21, 1. Jan, 2013
r1742 New balance changes.
r1743 New cards added.
r1744 Duroth's deck updated. Duroth's starting tower and wall lowered.
theultramage on 19:51, 3. Jan, 2013
r1745 Dryad of Miriam card effect corrected.
theultramage on 18:19, 31. Mar, 2013
r1751 Loser column renamed to defeated in replays list.
r1753 Game manual updated (card level).
r1757 Deck note functionality added (JS popup window as primary, HTML form as secondary when JS is disabled).
r1758 Deck sharing system implemented.
r1759 Deck sharing is now available at level 10.
r1760 Deck score added to shared deck list. Minor layout improvement.
r1761 Author name filter added to decks shared list.
r1763 Remove statistics for skins and backgrounds.
r1766 New balance changes.
theultramage on 20:07, 31. Mar, 2013
r1767 Charge keyword corrected (case when opponent had zero stock).
Mojko on 07:22, 30. Jul, 2013
r1768 Added missing game state check.
r1769 Stop crawlers from pointless indexing of Players_achievements section.
r1770 Wrap mod_rewrite in an IfModule block. Replace Files block, specify the file scope in RewriteRule's first parameter instead. Change ifmodule -> IfModule to match official case.
r1771 Redirect urls containing 'index.php' to their shorter form to prevent people from linking there, which in turn causes crawlers to index the entire site twice.
r1772 Added missing replay consistency check.
r1773 New balance changes.
theultramage on 18:57, 24. Dec, 2013
r1777 Card reveal mechanism corrected.
r1779 Deck name import check corrected (now actually works). Error messages improved.
r1780 Statistics optimized.
r1783 Slide show button is no longer displayed on the last turn page in replay section, thus preventing invalid redirects via javascript functionality.
r1924 Tutorial description added to the help section page.
r1927 Finish move button display condition corrected.
r1940 Demonic keyword added.
r1941 Christmas update balance changes.
r1942 Card pool sorting options added to deck building section.
theultramage on 11:38, 1. Jul, 2014
You may have noticed temporary outages happening yesterday and today. The system hosting this site is undergoing a big migration process (transition from freebsd to ubuntu, consolidation of virtual machines, dns record update). I believe most of the work is already done, now just need to wait for the dust to settle.
theultramage on 19:23, 24. Dec, 2014
r1982 AI challenge name is now used in case of AI challenge as player name.
r1999 Token gains are now executes before the card effect.
r2002 Improved error message for rejection caused by 'Disallow simultaneous games' setting.
r2013 Extra tooltip added for devices that do not support onHover event. In this case the tooltip is triggered by onClick event.
r2018 Unintentional form re-submit detection mechanism added.
r2020 Resource victory tooltip added to game screen.
r2022 Cards statistics processing corrected (empty statistics case).
r2025 Rebirth keyword effect now also counts Demonic cards.
r2026 New balance changes.
theultramage on 19:00, 1. Jan, 2015
r2049 Card created filter is now initialized in some situations to prevent unnecessary loading of whole card pool.
r2051 More detailed descriptions added to card filters.
r2053 New cards added.