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theultramage on 13:34, 5. Jan, 2011
r1349 Ransacker achievement name corrected.
r1350 Achievement names are now displayed above achievement images. Gained achievements have highlighted names.
r1351 Players list sorting corrected and simplified.
r1352 AI improved. Now it's able to make use of summoning and discard cards.
r1353 Cleansing now chooses random cards instead of leftmost.
r1354 AI game configuration moved to a separate subsection.
r1356 Multiple card images refined.
theultramage on 21:00, 10. Jan, 2011
r1358 Avatar is now link to player profile section in players list.
r1359 Multiple card images refined.
r1360 Added additional description for game attributes.
r1362 Minimized game view setting removed (details in commit message).
r1363 Forum thread navigation bar improved (thread name can be now used as a Back-to-top shortcut).
r1364 Autorefresh corrected.
r1365 AI improved (facilities handling).
theultramage on 16:33, 11. Jan, 2011
r1366 Special game end types are now correctly described in the replays section.
r1367 Concept state validation corrected.
r1368 Concept state validation corrected (followup to r1367).
theultramage on 14:20, 13. Jan, 2011
r1369 Start discussion buttons now require confirmation to prevent misclicks.
r1370 Removed unnecessary navigation information from Forum section. Improved forum navigation elements.
r1371 Removed unnecessary navigation information from multiple sections.
r1372 Main page updated.
r1373 Subsection navigation information added to page title.
theultramage on 20:12, 24. Jan, 2011
r1374 Random deck selection for player and for AI is no longer synchronized.
r1376 In game autorefresh is disabled if it's player's turn.
r1377 Games list auto-refresh no longer causes subsection jumps.
r1378 AI challenges system added.
r1379 AI challenges achievements added.
r1380 Removed EXP progress bar from Players list. EXP Progress bar added to Profile section. Improved Profile section layout (important user information moved to top).
r1382 New balance changes.
theultramage on 16:40, 25. Jan, 2011
r1384 AI challenge filter added to replays section.
r1385 AI games statistics split to standard AI games and AI challenge games.
r1386 AI challenges are now played in long mode.
r1387 Rock elemental and Sorceress card pictures improved.
r1388 AI challenges added to filter option in players list.
theultramage on 18:42, 28. Jan, 2011
r1389 Conjure bricks renamed to Magical clay, updated card picture.
r1390 Corrected error handling in play preview.
r1391 Game manual updated (AI challenges).
r1392 Player's gold, bonus game and deck slots are now displayed in the profile section.
r1393 Whirlwind card effect corrected.
r1395 Actual AI names are now displayed in case of AI challenges in games section.
r1396 AI improved (summoning, discarding, hand cleaning, hand poisoning).
r1397 Player can no longer play rare cards in the AI challenge game mode.
r1398 AI challenge decks updated.
r1399 Added an option to disallow simultaneous games against the same opponent.
theultramage on 20:41, 4. Mar, 2011
r1466 Player filter input form changed from drop-down-box to text input in Replays section.
r1467 Player filter input form changed from drop-down-box to text input in Messages section.
r1468 AI games can no longer be ended with the "Finish" procedure.
r1470 Error handling corrected in the games oriented actions.
r1471 BBcode related JavaScript code moved to other utilities functions. Onclick attributes replaced with JQuery selectors. Added missing internal names for BBcode buttons.
r1473 JavaScript code separated into code generally used (remains in utils.js) and code specific for some section. Instead of loading all of the JavaScript code, only the necessary code is loaded.
r1475 Card code is now formatted as a source code for better readability.
r1476 Added missing chat input validation.
r1477 Chat message list layout slightly improved.
r1480 Reverse chat order setting execution improved.
r1483 In-game refresh is now disabled when user opens the game note. Once the game note is closed the refresh is resumed. (javascript only)
r1484 In game chat reworked completely.
r1486 Game manual updated (Chat).
theultramage on 13:48, 7. Mar, 2011
r1490 In game chat is now resizable.
r1492 Chat notification added. "Open chat" button is now highlighted if there are new chat messages. New chat messages within the chatbox are now also highlighted.
r1493 Added an option to choose between integrated chat and chat pop-up tool.
r1494 Fixed a bug when games list auto-refresh wasn't working...
r1495 FAQ updated (bug reporting).
r1496 In game auto-refresh is now disabled if user starts typing chat message via the integrated chat tool.
theultramage on 11:48, 23. Mar, 2011
r1500 Added an option to reset user password in case user forgot his current password.
r1501 Chat is now automatically open when user enters the game if there are new messages for the player.
r1502 Fixed a layout issue when card concept overflowed the content.
r1503 Game manual updated (Concepts pictures).
r1504 Replaced card images due to copyright infringement claim. Burglars renamed to Burglar. Corrected Cursed amulet card image.
theultramage on 10:55, 31. Mar, 2011
r1506 Confirmation added to admin actions.
r1512 Admin tools layout improved in player profile.
r1513 Delete player added to Admin tools.
r1515 New users after first login are now redirected to Messages section, so they could easily read the welcome message.
r1516 Game history navigation improved.
r1517 Fixed Chrome display bug (overflow related). Instead of incorrect display, the scrollbar in card history will be displayed in the same position regardless of size of cards present in card history. This change only effects browsers that suffer from this bug. Other browsers will display the scrollbar in the same position as before.
r1518 Deck used in games is now accessible through read only variable. Card effects and keyword efects are no longer allowed to modify deck data.
theultramage on 21:39, 24. Apr, 2011
The following changes were to be applied 2011-04-24 23:00, however due to server setup issues, the update could not be completed and we were forced to restore from backup. Another attempt will be made after the issues are resolved.
EDIT: Update successfully completed.


r1526 Improved Chrome display bug fix (followup to r1517).
r1528 Added missing score update in case of Challenge AI move.
r1533 Fixed a bug when some visual game data was not updated when a game finished.
r1534 Added missing data lookup in case changes from previous round are no longer available. All cards now work properly even when played after Quick or Swift card.
r1536 Rename player added to admin panel.
r1541 Added keywords database viewer. Removed static description from game manual.
r1545 Lore added to keyword description.
r1546 Runic and Siege keywords added.
r1548 Partial production terminology shortened to fit one line. Card terminology explanation updated.
r1550 Changed Runic keyword insignia.
r1551 New balance changes.
r1552 New cards added.
r1553 Removed unwanted achievement icon underline.
theultramage on 17:43, 25. Apr, 2011
r1557 Fixed deck statistics not showing since the last update.
r1559 Improved page load times in game section (and other sections that display cards).
r1563 Added webserver gzip compression to auxiliary files (js, css, xml) to speed up page loading.
theultramage on 14:22, 30. Apr, 2011
r1564 Fixed some places where 'production' was not shortened to 'prod'.
r1565 Corrected card terminology (Discard, Replace).
HivedOne on 17:55, 30. Apr, 2011
First time, I opened one of the change logs... can only say:

Gosh what a long list of changes!
Many many thanks, that you do so much work for this game :-D
theultramage on 08:30, 15. May, 2011
r1566 Fixed a bug when Siege breakers would never trigger wall bonus.
r1567 BBcode buttons funtionality generalized. It is now possible to bind specific BBcode buttons with target elements.
r1568 Added a basic version of BBcode parser which does not parse quotes. BBcode support added to concept effect description and note. Concept effect description is now shown in concept details. Minor layout improvements.
theultramage on 07:57, 21. May, 2011
r1569 Concept effect description length changed to 500 from 150 due to BBcode addition. Removed maximum number of lines constraint.
r1570 Corrected card hyperlink layout.
r1571 BBcode buttons added to new concept formular.
r1572 Improved card preview layout within cards and concepts sections.
theultramage on 10:55, 6. Aug, 2011
r1574 Hydra card effect corrected. Fixed a typo in the Runic keyword lore text.
r1575 Real token gains are now displayed on cards (keywords description) in player's hand for all token keywords.
theultramage on 18:25, 14. Aug, 2011
r1576 Tutorial implemented.
r1577 Tutorial display bug corrected. "Previous" button added to tutorial.
theultramage on 11:34, 20. Aug, 2011
r1580 Grofgul's AI deck updated.