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theultramage on 15:07, 28. Feb, 2010
Rares can now only be drawn by standard draw or by summoning cards. ( )
It is now impossible for opponent to draw the same card as was discarded by a focus discard card. ( )
Added number of views counter to replays. ( )
Alliance and Soldier keyword side-effects changed back to previous form. Unliving and Legend keyword side-effects modified. ( )
Cards that draw fixed hands now place cards at random positions. ( )
New balance changes. ( )
theultramage on 08:56, 15. Mar, 2010
Added player details buttons to hosted games section. ( )
Adjusted replays section to handle deleted replays. ( )
Banish and Skirmisher keyword effects changed. ( )
Uncommon and Rare cards are now able to draw a Rare card by discard effect. ( )
Initial wall raised to 25 from 20. ( )
New balance changes. ( )
New cards added. New keyword added - Aqua. ( )
Aqua keyword added to Piranhas, Sea lord, Kraken, Sea monster, Water dragon. ( )
theultramage on 15:16, 26. Mar, 2010
Pixie card effect corrected (no longer ignores its own card position). ( )
theultramage on 21:40, 11. Apr, 2010
Removed unnecessary card effect description (Magic portal, Mask of the phantasm). ( )
Balance changes. ( )
Veteran militia can no longer summon self when played. ( )
Updated game manual regarding anti-flood mechanism. ( )
Aqua keyword effect now triggers only when last card played was a non-common aqua card. ( )
theultramage on 08:39, 17. Apr, 2010
Veteran militia can no longer summon a card that was discarded by it's effect. ( )
theultramage on 20:39, 21. Jun, 2010
Forum notification no longer takes into account deleted posts. ( )
Maximum number of characters in card concept effect reduced to 100. ( )
Added new options (facilities) to the advanced filter in the deck and cards sections. ( )
Player status is now displayed in the hosted games list. ( )
Next game button uses a list of games which is ordered by opponent activity (games with online opponent precedes other games). ( )
Tokens are now automatically set if player forgot to set them. ( )
Forum threads heading layout optimized. ( )
Discussion related to a card concept is marked with "Deleted" tag after matching card concept has been deleted. ( )
Player name filter added to the players list section. ( )
Game mode flags moved to a lower center part of the screen. ( )
Creation and Modify dates added to card database. Creation and Modify date filters added to Cards and Deck sections. ( )
Number of posts added to player's details section. ( )
Minor layout improvements. ( )
Added title attribute to all game icon images to improve icon description. ( )
"Noob" player status renamed to "Newbie". ( )
Reduced number of queries in the decks list section. ( )
Changed locked thread icon image. Improved locked thread icon layout. ( )
Multiple CSS classes related to small icon images unified under one new class "icon". ( )
Added missing supervisor rank image ( )
Forum search section is now "acknowledged" by navigation bar ( )
Game note subsection is now "acknowledged" by navigation bar ( )
Fixed unintentional logout bug with ENTER button. In case of chat message, hitting ENTER will result in the same action as pushing "Send" button. In all other cases ENTER key is blocked. ( )
Significantly reduced number of queries in multiple sections. ( )
Added keywords hover description (hovering over keyword on a card will popup keyword description). ( )
Statistics section implemented. ( )
Versus statistics added to player profile section. ( )
Added game statistics to profile section. Slightly improved layout. ( )
Hall of fame updated. ( )
Card statistics can now be viewed also in card details section. ( )
Block ENTER input check optimized with JQuery. ( )
Send chat message mechanic optimized with JQuery. ( )
New deck editor engine implemented. ( )
Card name search added to concepts section. ( )
Added a new statistic for card - "Drawn" (number of times a card was successfully drawn). ( )
New keyword "Far sight" implemented. ( )
Added automatic scrolling to deck editor. ( )
Added "my replays" button to allow player access his replays more easily. ( )
Legend keyword effect now raises lowest facility instead of random facility. ( )
Aqua keyword effect balanced (stock reduction lowered to 3 from 5). ( )
Stylesheet include system optimized. Only needed stylesheets are now included. ( )
Stylesheet include system corrected and further optimized ( )
New balance changes. ( )
New cards added. ( )
"Drawn" card statistics added to card's details section ( )
theultramage on 12:10, 22. Jun, 2010
Statistics section button moved to the left in the navigation bar. ( )
Corrected disabled buttons not being colored grey ( )
theultramage on 18:45, 24. Jun, 2010
Far sight keyword effect corrected ( )
Reset notification button moved to menubar. ( )
Card concepts list is now segmented into pages. ( )
Added missing styles for Game note subsection. ( )
Game manual corrected (Token system description). ( )
Statistics section segmented into multiple subsections. Card statistics are now available for each card rarity. ( )
Corrected typo in Lancer's card effect. ( )
theultramage on 13:01, 25. Jun, 2010
Card pool scroll animation speed significantly reduced. ( )
theultramage on 17:16, 27. Jun, 2010
Added an option to specify statistics list size. ( )
Chatbox is now automatically scrolled to the bottom when reverse chat order setting is active. ( )
Admin rights cannot be removed anymore via website. ( )
Full in game chat is now displayed (only last 21 messages were displayed before). ( )
Improved the speed of various database queries ( )
Assassin and Gentle touch awards are now given only in case of Destruction, Construction and Resource victory. ( )
Raised maximum number of characters in card concept effect. Added maximum number of lines limit. ( )
Free slots are now displayed in the player profile instead of the players list. (
Major performance improvement of the players section ( )
Card statistics list in reverse order is no longer displayed when viewing statistics for all cards. ( )
theultramage on 10:01, 29. Jun, 2010
r979 Usage factor is now displayed for each card in the card statistics.
r980 Fixed a bug when Gentle touch award malufunctioned in some situations.
r981 Player filter renamed to activity filter.
theultramage on 10:59, 30. Jun, 2010
r984 Changed default filter configuration in Cards section.
r993 Sticky and important threads are now marked with image icons instead of colored text.
theultramage on 19:41, 11. Jul, 2010
r1005 Novels moved from MySQL database to XML database. Novels section redesigned.
r1009 Game surrender mechanism reworked. Player now sends surrender request to his opponent. Removed surrender confirmation, because until the request is processed by the opponent (accept or reject), the surrender request can be cancelled. While the surrender request is active, the game is locked (no cards can be played nor discarded).
r1010 Keyword effects moved from CGame.php to XML database
r1011 Novels section layout slightly improved. Updated welcome page.
r1012 Changed sorting order in "other statistics" subsection.
theultramage on 10:45, 16. Jul, 2010
r1013 Keyword processing corrected (followup to r1010).
r1015 Default values corrected in novels section.
r1016 Improved card data retrieval in card details section (only necessary data is loaded).
r1017 Game manual updated (BB code explanation).
r1018 Corrected default values for card (used if card data load fails).
r1044 Help cursor is now displayed every time mouse passes over an element with additional description
theultramage on 08:19, 19. Jul, 2010
r1049 Added additional description to navigation bar notification icons.
r1055 Rebirth keyword effect corrected (followup to r1010).
r1056 Added additional description to username and password icons on login page.
r1057 New balance changes.
r1062 Unified card effect texts (replaced "on hand" with "in hand").
theultramage on 00:14, 28. Aug, 2010
r1063 Book of life card effect corrected.
r1064 Finishable games are now highlighted in the games list with text notice.
r1069 Corrected bad ordering in player name filter list in messages section.
r1071 Stock gained via production at the end of turn is now always displayed in the changes on stock.
r1072 List sorting corrected in the statistics section.
r1074 Merged in /dev/hyperlinks.
r1075 Game manual updated.
r1076 Added a JavaScript library to make MSIE behave like a standards-compliant browser.
r1077 Added styles for button elements, slightly optimized CSS code.
r1078 Button input elements transformed into button elements.
r1088 POST processing is now omitted in case of a GET request, which speeds up the application in such case.
r1089 Obsolete styles for input submit elements removed. Corrected some skin styles.
r1090 New balance changes.
r1091 Improved GET/POST parameter handler.
r1092 Corrected url parsing in BBcode module.
theultramage on 00:17, 28. Aug, 2010
r1094 F.A.Q. updated (bug reporting, reset button).
r1095 Corrected message section data retrieval.
r1096 Changed "View discussion" button to hyperlink in the Concepts section.
r1097 Corrected Chaos gargoyle card effect.
theultramage on 08:41, 28. Aug, 2010
r1098 Added missing urlencode() for url parameters.
r1099 Added player profile hyperlink to each post (author name) in forum section.
theultramage on 16:10, 1. Sep, 2010
r1102 Permalinks added to forum section.
theultramage on 09:10, 14. Sep, 2010
r1111 Moon castle card effect corrected.
r1112 Main webpage updated (link to singleplayer game).
r1113 Current section name added to Title element. Number of games where it's player's turn is added to Title element in Games section.