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theultramage on 12:45, 4. Sep, 2009
Hello. This thread will record the updates applied (and to be applied) to the site.
This is also meant for modifications that don't make it to the news page, hotfixes, and such.
We will also be linking to the actual change when possible, so that those that want to see the exact changes can do so.
theultramage on 12:49, 4. Sep, 2009
* Removed conflict style which caused layout issues in game section when minimized game view option was in effect. [mojko]
* Changed date format (month name is now shortened to three letters only). [mojko]
* Multiple tweaks to the skins, especially old arcomage skin. Forum and Game sections now look closer to how they looked before. [ultramage]
* Skins restructured. Common styles for skin groups (light and dark) moved to separate CSS files. [mojko]
* CSS code optimization [mojko]

Hit F5 to refresh your browser cache, otherwise the skin changes won't apply.
Mojko on 15:57, 4. Sep, 2009
* Background image preview added to settings section. [mojko]
Mojko on 16:03, 5. Sep, 2009
Important note to changeset 637. Opponent online indication moved to opponent name (above his tower and wall info).
theultramage on 14:01, 7. Sep, 2009
* Various layout fixing [mojko]
theultramage on 09:35, 11. Sep, 2009 to
* Various small layout fixes (use F5 to refresh) [mojko]
* Automatic conversion of urls into hyperlinks for all user-entered text [ultramage]
theultramage on 09:47, 17. Sep, 2009
* Fire theme skin added [mojko]
* Improved user profile text readability. Text color is now skin class dependant [mojko]
* Improved hobby data handling in the profile section. User is now informed when he exceeds the text limit [mojko]
* Refined some card images (Demolition troop, Roc and Stronghold) [mojko]
* Locked threads are now indicated by a small lock picture, instead of text form [mojko]
* Removed obsolete style for country information in players list [mojko]

(use F5 to refresh)
theultramage on 15:41, 18. Sep, 2009
* Player score is now shown in user's profile section. [mojko]
theultramage on 19:22, 24. Oct, 2009
* Games list now provides more information about games. ( )
* Added new option to settings "Advanced games list". When active, games details are shown in games list ( )
* Latest news section of the website adjusted - only last 3 news posts are shown by default. ( )
* Updated few MArcomage preview images. Corrected small mistake in game manual. ( )
* Added a shortcut button to player's details to challenges. ( )
* Added an option to randomly select a deck when accepting challenges. ( )
* Card modifications (balance changes and refined images). ( )
* Messages section layout slightly improved. ( )
* Halloween skin added. ( )
* Mage and Undead side-effects rebalanced. Added few balance changes. ( )
* Added an option to select deck at random (when challenging). ( )
* New cards added. Also optimized some card effects, texts and images, added minor balance changes. ( )
* "Production XN" phrase in the card texts replaced with "Production xN", which is easier to read. ( )
* Adjusted card texts of Magic portal and Magic sanctuary. Magic sanctuary card effect slightly modified. ( )
theultramage on 09:11, 26. Oct, 2009
* System messages renamed to Battle report messages. ( )
* Added last date of deck modification. Improved deck list section layout. ( )
* New cards rebalanced a bit. ( )
- Magic sanctuary, Magic portal, Renewal, Trigger trap, Strive for height
theultramage on 09:20, 3. Nov, 2009
* Replaced "X" with "x" in card effects ( )
* Added an option to configure the default value of the players list filter. ( )
* Player status added to user settings. Added a status filter to players list section. ( )
theultramage on 12:22, 12. Nov, 2009
* Fixed a bug, when discard pile failed to correctly order cards, while having 10 or more cards. ( )
* Fixed a bug, when Knight Templar raised opponent's tower in some situations. ( )
* Added a new game mode. It is now possible to play without seeing opponent's cards. ( )
* Added a new game mode. It is now possible to play in a friendly play mode. ( )
* Improved card effect descriptions of some cards. Added few balance changes - Gate guardian, Nightmare, Pegasus, Undead host, Catastrophe, Prosperity. ( )
* Added an option to save game note and return to game screen in one action. ( )
* Hidden cards are now shown, when the game finishes. ( )
theultramage on 15:40, 16. Nov, 2009
Added hidden cards game mode information to the battle reports messages. ( )
Added newbie player status. ( )
Added flags for both game modes to settings section. Players can now specify what kind of game are they looking for. ( )
Added reveal/hide mechanics for games with hidden cards. ( )
Clarified Destruction, Illusion, Nature and Restoration keyword effect description. ( )
Pegasus restored to it's previous state. The new pegasus concept moved to a new card Dark pegasus. Gnomish alchemist renamed back to Tubular bells and restored it's original picture. Lightning strike received new card picture. ( )
Added newbie status to player status filter ( )
theultramage on 14:39, 22. Nov, 2009
Added player status and game mode flags to user details section ( ).
Concept authors are now ordered, when listed. ( )
Dragon knights renamed to Royal dragoons. ( )
Added a game host/join system to provide an alternative way to start a game. ( )
Background image now applies only to the game part of the screen, chatbox is not part of it anymore. ( )
Added auto refresh support. ( )
theultramage on 17:18, 25. Nov, 2009
Deck selector is no longer displayed, when there are no decks to play with (games section). Simplified deck name handling, when accepting a challenge or joining a game. ( )
Fixed the game checking code, when challenging a player ( )
theultramage on 19:33, 24. Dec, 2009
Applied all pending changes until r744 ( ).
For a brief overview, see the xmas update notice on the news page.
theultramage on 19:44, 11. Jan, 2010
Player rank (user type) is now displayed in the players list section. ( )
Deleted threads are no longer counted in the number of threads that belong to a forum section. ( )
Player rank icon is now displayed in the profile section ( )
Incoming challenges are no longer counted within free slots evaluation when accepting a challenge. ( )
Battle report messages are now sent only when the game effects player score and experience. ( )
Removed information message when joining a game. ( )
Game history module implemented. ( )
New balance changes. Added some refined card pictures. ( )
theultramage on 15:05, 14. Jan, 2010
Fixed a bug when a game replay didn't show player names when outcome was a draw. ( )
Game outcome column moved to front of the replay table. ( )
Fixed a bug when Time warp counted swift cards that were discarded. ( )
Improved switch players mechanism in replays section. ( )
theultramage on 21:27, 17. Feb, 2010
Card effect description corrected: spell -> card. ( )
Removed obsolete finish deck feature. ( )
Corrected card display in replays section. All cards are shown regardless of hidden card mode. ( )
Hide/Reveal mechanism corrected (failed to hide cards in some situations). ( )
Implemented custom order for forum sections. ( )
Forum search implemented. ( )
Cards section added. ( )
Added a new card flag to indicate if the card is revealed by opponent. ( )
Added new user type "Supervisor" to supervise card concepts. ( )
Alliance, Legend, Soldier, Unliving and Undead side-effects reworked. ( )
BBcode module implemented. ( )
theultramage on 10:35, 19. Feb, 2010
New style for card flags is used only when both flags are set. ( )
Deleted forum content no longer appears in the forum search results. ( )
BBcode buttons display changed to standard button layout. ( )