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Mojko on 18:45, 1. Sep, 2009
To DPsycho:

It should be fixed now (hit F5).
DPsycho on 22:37, 1. Sep, 2009
Indeed it is! Looks excellent on this end now.
jbryant3 on 13:36, 2. Sep, 2009

This is what I was talking about before (see highlighted parts):
jbryant3 on 14:07, 2. Sep, 2009
Never mind. I've found what "Minimized Game View does" :)
Mojko on 14:42, 2. Sep, 2009
Yes, you're right. Looks like when minimized game view is in effect it has some layout issues. Thx for reporting.
Djinn on 00:09, 3. Sep, 2009
Three things:
1. I would very much like the option to place backgrounds in all of the other sections, and in empty slots on the front page. No listed backgrounds make text unreadable with every color scheme, and you could still just leave the default as it is now. It would be up to the user to figure out what backgrounds work with what colors for their own taste (and possible eye strain).
2. Give an option to somehow preview backgrounds, like on the bottom of the options page.
3. I just noticed on the forum right here and now that the page count starts with "0" on the bottom. Shouldn't it start at "1".
a. It would be nice if you could figure out a way to allow the edges to show whether the person is logged in or not.

Edit: Actually, another four. But probably just because I'm looking now.
4. After I posted, I noticed the forum chopped off my indents. Can it not display them?
5. In the deck section, could there be a boarder again between card rarities?
6. Some of the "last poster" names and times are highlighted red. What variables determine whether or not it is highlighted? Also, could only the name be highlighted? And why is one random thread highlighted red?
7. In the deck section, could the "card cost ratio" counter be of yellow words (for the label) with a color background like the other objects listed?
DPsycho on 00:43, 3. Sep, 2009
The things with red highlights are the posts that are "new" since your last logout. You can clear them by logging out or by resetting notifications on your settings page. This has been the case since before the recent changes. The red "Novels Intro" is the topic thread of the novels section as a whole. Each section had an introductory post like it. That section just hasn't had enough discussion to scroll it offscreen.
Mojko on 08:23, 3. Sep, 2009
To Djinn:

1 - I think that's not a good idea. One of the things I wanted to do in this new layout was to make text more readable. Besides, players spend most of their time in game section, so it shouldn't be much of a concern. However if you do want to try it, I will be making a skin template and you can try to design your own skin - with background images behind texts if you wish. After you send me your suggestion, I can make some drafts of the skin and we can discuss it further

2 - that doesn't help much. You really need to see the background picture in the game section. To speed up the process of selecting the in-game background image, open two tabs (or windows) simultaneously - one for in-game view and one for settings section. After you choose a new background image you just hit F5 to see how it looks as a in-game background. On the other hand it is easy to implement such feature, so maybe I try it out ;-)

3 - zero is a natural number like any other, so I don't know why people tend to exclude it. The reason why we have it this way is simple - MySQL database and PHP number everything from zero. Renumbering everything from 1 is not too difficult, but I think it's not necessary.

You want to see if a user is logged in in the forum? Please, explain why do you need it. Right now you can use the quick button to go to his details to see the moment of his last action.

4 - please describe it in more details (screenshots)

5 - I think it's not needed there. There is no problem distinguishing the rarity groups, or is it?

6 - what he says (DPsycho) :P

7 - It can be done, I'll look into it ;-)
Sylonus on 17:57, 3. Sep, 2009
I quite like the new background and setup, I still am mostly waiting on the ranking exp system though :/ been looking forward to that for ages.
Mojko on 16:13, 4. Sep, 2009
to Djinn:

Game background image preview has been added to settings section. Avg cost per turn indicator (deck section) layout improved.
Djinn on 02:11, 5. Sep, 2009
Although it wasn't extremely long, I'm too tired to write my post again. Firefox randomly crashed as I was opening photobucket, and apparently the crash deleted my "ctr-A, ctr-C" copy.
Anyway, thank you for the changes, and the indents I speak of are where you place a " " (space) at the beginning of each line to make it easier to read.
Djinn on 04:08, 6. Sep, 2009
Eh, lets see.

1. I mostly just wanted a return of the picture(s) on the front page, and possibly the "texture" that is now there on the button bar for the rest of the site.

2. I have severely slow loading times, and the names for each picture aren't very descriptive (my guesses were way off for Rider and Still Water). So the previewer is quite an aid. On tabs, I still wonder why it isn't possible to right-click on a button and open a tab from it. Of course it is almost as easy to open a new tab and go to the main page (except when wanting to see the thread while you post), but I wonder why it is so.

3. Zero may be a natural number, but if there are zero pages in a thread, it doesn't exist. In conversation, one would say the "first (1st) post" or the "first page" of a book. I have yet to hear anyone say "zeroeth (0th) post" or "zeroeth page". I guess it doesn't really matter, but it confused me for a moment (wait, there's a zeroeth page? *clicks, nothing* Oh, that must be this one).

a. Not in the forum, in the games section. Although italics does the trick, I would still prefer edges.

-4. Sorry to say I don't want to open a photobucket tab again, as that in conjunction with this crashes Firefox and deletes anything (ctr-C)opied, but I hope my description was alright. I use a dash in place of a space to show what I do here, I would use dashes here, but people say they find it annoying (and with number bullets it looks like a negative number).

5. Not really, one only needs two seconds first time to read what the bar says. But the update was done for looks, and it is somewhat non-intuitive to place three groups of things in one box. If you do place dividers, I recommend leaving the existing box as is (same color) but adding different color lines on the inside. This would intuitively denote that all those cards are in one deck but are of different rarities (be even more interesting if each bar was two colors, one for each rarity it boarders).

8. The box that displays the message you send with a challenge right after you send it is white; the text is also white. Again, it doesn't really matter, but it's odd to look at it and go "it didn't save my message?", then have to highlight to prove otherwise.
Mojko on 06:53, 6. Sep, 2009
To Djinn:

2. It's becuase we have buttons, not hyperlinks. But upcoming goal is to migrate our system from button oriented to hyperlinks oriented.

3. Ii wouldn't be that easy to implement so I'm placing this in the low priority queue.

4. HTML does not display whitespaces that are located to the left and right of the text. So if you write " test " it is the same as "test". Until we have some more sophisticated forum text formating, there isn't much I can do.

5. I find such borders disturbing, since I can compare it with old layout, where everything had borders. I could add these borders to "old theme skin", though.

8. This issue was already solved, but changes aren't applied yet (I fixed it yesterday)

You may also try the new Opera 10, the say it's much faster then any other browser, so it may be helpful in your case.
DPsycho on 12:20, 6. Sep, 2009
For what it's worth, I agree that having Page Zero is confusing and starting page numbering at One would be preferable. I also agree, however, that it shouldn't be a priority at this moment. :)
Djinn on 20:21, 7. Sep, 2009
2. ª
3. ª
4. ª

5. Is "disturbing" the right word? Sounds odd when applied to some random lines...

8. ª
Mojko on 06:45, 8. Sep, 2009
After experimenting with the deck borders I decided to add 2 vertical borders to separate the rarity columns. I found out that the borders themselves were not disturbing, but it was their color in the old layout. Now they have the same color as the table header, so it looks fine. Changes should be applied soon.
Sorlag on 14:07, 11. Jul, 2015
I'm using green (dark) skin and in the help section titles of visited subsections are not very distinct:

I use Firefox 12.0.
Mojko on 17:06, 12. Jul, 2015
Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.