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Mojko on 14:23, 27. Aug, 2009
We implemented the new skin module, but it still needs some tweaking. Use this alternative client to check it out:

New features (check settings section):

- skin selection
- game background image selection

Since it is based on new CSS3 technology, which is still only beeing developed, it has not very good browser support, yet.

Best support offers latest version of Firefox ( Only feature which is not supported by Firefox is the background image resize, so when you select a background picture it does not cover the entire screen. This feature is on the other hand supported by Opera (, which however does not support some other features.

So I recommend Firefox for these experimental features. Developers of both Firefox and Opera are working on CSS3 support, so it is only a matter of time when all features are supported by both browsers.

Currently all other browsers have inferior CSS3 support compared to Firefox and Opera, with the exception of Safari.

Please try it out and let us know what you think of it.
jbryant3 on 14:29, 27. Aug, 2009
It looks pretty good. A definite update from before. But I've already found a problem: When playing a game, the "action" labels above the cards (such as PLAYED or DISCARDED or NEW CARD) don't show up when the little box is white. Might want to take a look at that. :)
Mojko on 14:35, 27. Aug, 2009
Screenshots please.
jbryant3 on 14:37, 27. Aug, 2009
Sigh... Where is a good place to put it? Ha ha.
jbryant3 on 14:42, 27. Aug, 2009
Got it:
Mojko on 16:26, 27. Aug, 2009
Interesting... what browser do you use (version)?

It should look like this:
jbryant3 on 16:27, 27. Aug, 2009
Firefox 3.0.13.
Mojko on 16:36, 27. Aug, 2009
Well, I have 3.5.2. I recommend to update to 3.5.x version, since it has much better CSS3 support.
JimmyMethod on 21:39, 27. Aug, 2009
The grey text underneath games saying 'This Game Can Be Aborted' is extremely hard to see.
Mojko on 07:07, 28. Aug, 2009
Please specify the skin you are reffering to.
JimmyMethod on 01:26, 29. Aug, 2009
The default one. Dark Blue, I guess.
Mojko on 07:21, 29. Aug, 2009
Yes, it really is not clearly readable. Thanks for your report ;-)
jbryant3 on 16:26, 1. Sep, 2009
Few minor things in "Old skin (dark)"

1. The yellow writing on cards and in chat needs to be changed to black.
2. The resources areas on both sides should revert to the old format (this keeps with the original game plus it was MUCH easier to read).
3. Under the "Games" tab, there needs to be a better distinguisher from online/offline than just italics. The green border worked well before, I vote keep it.
4. The in-game background should be used always as the background.

Constructive criticism! :)
Mojko on 16:59, 1. Sep, 2009
To jbryant3:

1 & 2 - please send screenshot (and browser version)
3 - "The green border worked well before". Yes but we already have a color-coded information on that button (if you can play your turn in corresponding game). Having two color coded inforamtions on one element plus supporting multiple skins is quite impossible. That's why I was forced to change it to italics.
4 - having a background image in other sections makes the text less readable. So I think it is better to have it only in game. Besides that's the section where most time is spent, isn't it?
Endovior on 17:33, 1. Sep, 2009
There are serious readability issues with all of the 'Light' themes (Clouds, Purple, Rain)... particularly on the settings screen, where the text becomes nigh-invisible.

(Using the newest Firefox, if relevant)
DPsycho on 17:42, 1. Sep, 2009
Using Chrome, just updated today from their website.

The menu on the Webpage screen has the buttons scattered at the top: It looks like this for all but one of the pages.

When on the Hall of Fame page, it changes to this:
Mojko on 18:08, 1. Sep, 2009
To Endovior: Please send screenshot.
Endovior on 18:32, 1. Sep, 2009
Mojko on 18:35, 1. Sep, 2009
Dude, hit F5. *sigh* Does nobody actually read the news section? @_@
Endovior on 18:39, 1. Sep, 2009
Ah. Ouch.

Yeah, that's much better.