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Djinn on 04:37, 14. May, 2022

Replace your hand with Forest Dragon, Emerald Unicorn, Ent, Dark forest, Forest Spirit, Spring Wood, Jungle River and Forest Guardian.

This is definitely stronger than all of the other hand-replacers; it does nearly as much damage as Water Ritual at less cost, or 3/4th as much as Atlantis but faster, but also offers both offense and defense while summoning rare Nature one after another, with twice as many second-generation rares summoned on average as Sacred Forest and more than any other rare hand-replacer period. Not only that, but like Aqua, Nature isn't a keyword that even requires you have any Tokens set to work, so this can serve as a finisher in any deck that collects enough Gems and Recruits.

Theme wise, everything inside it goes together great (since those cards were already made to go great together if you could manage to collect them), but the 'Moon' name already goes with 0-cost and low-keyword cards, and you just know people will keep slipping with the name and calling it Sacred Forest or vice-versa. Not sure that last part can be fixed, though, considering what it is.