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sillenia on 19:04, 21. Feb, 2022
Looks like a fun one :D
can we please see it in action?
Djinn on 02:47, 23. Feb, 2022
I'm not so sure about seeing it in action itself, but it would be neat in how it might force people's Aqua decks to have more rare-Aqua variety, as well as nerfing Ancient City and other Legend summons.

Also, a clarification; does it mean #Aqua+#Nature 'in game' or 'in hand'? The latter is like for most things, whereas the former is more like Forest Dragon where cards in opponent's hand (hidden or not) can make it more effective— not that it matters much, relative to FD, since the wall increase is only slightly more than Crystal Golem, isn't actually the point of the card, and won't likely win you the game regardless (unlike that 7-56 extra damage Forest Dragon can pack in a Nature vs. Nature game).

(I feel like, based on Tiddalik's mythology, that it should do a more interesting numerical effect than Wall+ at all, but not sure what; sorta like how Genbu's Attack doesn't directly win you the game, or how Regulator does offer a chance to lose you the game as well as win it [even if it's still almost always a winning card]. Something clever to go with the way Tiddalik's primary thing involves massive changes to a very large area; a bigger splash than just summoning good Aqua and triggering Legend the same way Arthoria does, you might say!)
antichroust on 16:53, 3. Mar, 2022
definitely agree, this could've been done much better for such phenomenal frog card :) i just had to upload it because of my frog obsession, i will try to think about some more innovative conception
Djinn on 07:33, 18. May, 2022

10/10/10 R
Attack: N
Summon Drought
Replace a card in hand with self
I like this, it seems clever. It's sorta like the escalation that Byakko has, but going in a reverse direction that's easier to get going, but harder to take advantage of afterward if it doesn't work. I'm still not entirely sold on the theme; it feels like it fits a part of his story, not the whole thing, but that's understandable for only a couple drafts of something, and it's definitely close enough to add to the game at this point!