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Djinn on 09:41, 29. Jul, 2019
First the bugs, then the feature requests, and I'll try to order by highest severity first for the former and most impact first for the latter.

1. Sent message to self to test markup code, but when attempted to delete the message, it remained in inbox, but attempting to view it again resulted in "Message was already deleted" in red, even though it's still there.

2. For some reason, sawarineko, after getting her first tie in a game with me, ended up listed on the Player pages as having exactly one more tie than I have ever gotten (55 for me, and 56 for her); I suspect now that some other relatively-new players I've played with hit the same bug, as there are a few of those with tie numbers about the same.

3. At least my and DPsycho's joined year is listed as -0001 instead of when we actually did; I think I first noticed this a year or two ago but it slipped my mind the first time and then I got used to it.

4. The opponent rating part of XP doesn't work. I turned on battle reports for a single game out of curiosity, and then compared what came out to the rules listed in Help section; since at the time sq was Level 106, and I was Level 70, that would mean the multiplier would be 460% capped down to 200% (in other words +100% bonus), and instead there wasn't one. Later I tested other players both high Level and Level 1, and found no bonuses or penalties ever. I also tested to see if it worked if you're within 10 levels of the opponent, but it doesn't. Finally I meticulously checked experience counts listed for the green bar mouse-over, in case it was just an issue Battle Reports, but the absence of bonus or penalty is correct.
If this was disabled intentionally, then the Help should be updated to include that.

5. Army of Darkness card text and card code conflict: text implies that if it is the only rare Undead card in your hand, it will do half your recruits in damage; instead it does your full recruits in damage, due to how the division is both integer based and calculated separately from the multiplication.

6. The Restoration keyword doesn't look at the previous Round to determine whether it restores facilities; it instead looks at the current facilities at the time its checked, so for Storm Temple or White Shrine you can easily lose out on the keyword effect due to no longer having any facilities below 4.

7. Mercenaries card text/code conflict: it says "#Facilities that were lowered to 1" but it appears enemy facilities lowered to 1 do not apply to the effect, so it should say "Your #Facilities that were lowered to 1" or enemy facilities should be included.

8. Ghost Rider text/code conflict: "If Enemy wall > 20" should be "If Enemy wall ≥ 20" or code corrected.

9. Any idea why the AI basically gave up this game? I watched it since I noticed the newbie online, and the AI discarded a lot of cards in a row... including Pegasus.

Not quite a bug but a weirdness; why do the foil/webkit animations have different durations for different resource types? I don't see any different visual result.
Djinn on 09:41, 29. Jul, 2019
Feature Requests (note that this doesn't include the super-post sitting somewhere on my computer about Current Status inspired by the Popularity discussion):

1. Add a note for <L12 players in the Hosted Games section about the rates people typically play; you get a lot of players who take a game, get frustrated the other player doesn't immediately start playing almost as fast as the AI, try surrendering to close it, and then leave forever when even that doesn't work as they intuitively expect.

2. Change binary cap for number of games between two players (currently a cap of 1 or no cap) to a variable cap a player can set to whatever they want. Sometimes you want to limit how many of your hosted games a player can take, but just one each is too few.

3. Add more configuration options to the behavior of the "Next Game" button. The current behavior can be slightly complicated and I haven't read the code, but an issue that crops up is that because it goes to the game with the latest action, that means the fastest players end up taking the turns of slower players even when those players have others online to play too. So two slow players can be playing a couple games together, then a fast player comes online and from the perspective of one slow player their playmate has abandoned them. So at least one mode for Next Game that distributes turns evenly over games with online players would help.
__a. A sub-issue is that I tend to have open Finished games with still active chat, and the Next Game button will cycle through those even when there are no new messages or actions when I still have other games where it's my turn, making it easier to stay in the Games list and open new tabs from it instead.

4. Export Deck should save deck note. I use the deck note section for actual notes, so when it reached the character limit (showing me there was a character limit), I wanted to back them up for later before continuing to add more. I could just add them to their own .txt file, but it seemed cleaner to keep them all in one file... except it apparently isn't automatically saved in the csv file. Only deck name, cards, and tokens.

5. Display Deck for each game in My Games (hosted_games) section. There are times when you host a few games, and then edit the deck for one of them, but do not remember which game corresponds to which deck, and so need to cancel all of them and re-offer. (This FR might conflict with Random Deck Selection, since you'll be able to just re-roll which decks it gives you.)

6. Allow Challenge Deck vs. Challenge Deck in AI games. The Challenge AI Decks are in the Select Deck dropdown, but not the Select AI Deck dropdown, and using a Challenge Deck in the Challenge Mode gives an error. Seems particularly weird this isn't the case when you can offer challenge-deck games against players.

7. Change the hidden icon to one less evocative of a bloody eye and more like a stylized closed one. It's a tiny thing, but I think it matters.

8. In profiles; for "hobbies, interests", add ", and general notes", since that's what people use it for.
antichroust on 19:47, 29. Jul, 2019
bug maybe...
in concepts: when trying to delete my concept it shows message: "Param (current_concept) is empty"
DPsycho on 01:11, 9. Aug, 2019
Djinn wrote:
At least my and DPsycho's joined year is listed as -0001 instead of when we actually did

You mean I didn't join one year in the future? Huh. ;)