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MeCho on 10:24, 27. Sep, 2018
So i have noticed that many cards are clearly better or worse then the average card in general usefulness so i will be filling this thread with them going in depth why is it so and providing solutions to them
MeCho on 10:28, 27. Sep, 2018
Card:Elven Apprentice
Status: Vastly Under-powered

Rarity: Common
Keywords: Alliance
Cost: 4B/4G/4R

Evoke Sculptor, Book of magic or Blacksmith

Lets say i want to increase my Magic as soon as possible for the most effect

Quick Math:12resources(Elven Apprentice)+12(Book of Magic)=24Resources and 2 Rounds for +1Magic and perhaps a negligible Alliance Token increase

We draw it at Round 1 and we play Book of Magic by Round 11(fastest possible by gems gained only from base 3 production)

So the +1 Gem will take 48 Rounds to produce a profit(assuming production x is not utilized) by the Round 59 the game is probably done or at least pretty much decided

University will do the same without consuming a lot of the Resource of the Facility you are increasing making it far more effective especially if that Facility is lowered below 3 also with a lower Resource cost and will consume 1 Round less and thus it is a much better alternative to Elven Apprentice even though it will consume a Uncommon


Rarity: Common
Keywords: Alliance
Cost: 4B/4G/4R

Evoke Kidnapping,Elder Shrine,Harpist

This way you can increase your Facility by not using its resource and counter the opponents Facilities making it much more powerful and utilizable

Until then im going to remove this crippler out of my Alliance deck
Djinn on 10:57, 27. Sep, 2018
These sorts of comments should go in their own Card threads; generally accessed by looking at the card in the Cards section and clicking the "View/Start Discussion" button.
MeCho on 11:22, 27. Sep, 2018
Cost: 0B/1G/0R

Player(s) with most Holy in hand gains
Stock: +8
His opponent gains

There are many Stock increasing cards in the game and this is probably the very best you can see how incredible it is just by comparing it to Magic Sanctuary(Common)Wich will provide you with only 6Gems and only 4 of them are profit IF you meet the condition which is harder to meet then Miracle wheres Miracle will give 24 total Resources with 17 of them being profit yes Miracle is Uncommon wheres Magic Sanctuary is common but does that make a no less then 4x effectivness reasonable?
(Even thought Magic Sanctuary is a under-powered card but thats a post for another day)So dont use Wealth and give your opponent +8 Stock use Miracle and give only +2 thats yet again only 4x as effective.

If you dont want to compare to a common dont worry Miracle will provide you with more stock then a Crystaline Lotus(Rare) Lotus +9Stock Prod x0 while Miracle +8 + Prod effectively providing more if you have atleast 1 Facility higher than 1

The list can go on and on and the reason for this is because the condition is extremely easy to meet because Miracle has the Holy keyword which allows the card to meet its own Support on itself and in most of the games you will not need a single other Holy card to use its extreme effectiveness because players often dont have a single holy in a lot of their decks

Solution:Remove the Holy Keyword from Miracle Keyword list.

This way you will need at least 1 other Holy card in order to gain more then the opponent making the condition harder meet drawing closer in power and effect to Oasis
and actually becoming a Holy support card then a pick it whenever u need Stock

MeCho on 11:25, 27. Sep, 2018
Yes well i wanted my own list of in depth truth that wouldn't get lost to time and i dont even want people to comment on them here because that taints the neatness of my list and people would comment on different cards anyway making chaos

As of again i do this for myself but Mojko could still make good use of the information here :)

Djinn on 12:44, 27. Sep, 2018
Since you'll be putting these in their own threads anyway, the list is for you only, so it should be on your computer in a .txt file or similar, not here. I would report you for spam if more people actually bothered to use the forums, so as it is we're just giving people needless Forum Post notifications.
MeCho on 13:18, 27. Sep, 2018
When making these statements in Cards section they often get unnoticed and as i said "lost" to time so i wanted to place these in one spot where Mojko could just come read and make conclusions