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MeCho on 10:05, 27. Sep, 2018
Ok this card is another vastly under powered card

Lets say i want to increase my Magic as soon as possible for the most effect

Quick Math:12resources(Elven Apprentice)+12(Book of Magic)=24Resources and 2 Rounds for +1Magic and perhaps a negligible Alliance Token increase

We draw it at Round 1 and we play Book of Magic by Round 11(fastest possible by gems gained only from base 3 production)

So the +1 Gem will take 48 Rounds to produce a profit(assuming production x is not utilized) by the Round 59 the game is probably done or at least pretty much decided


Cost 3/3/3

Evoke Kidnapping,Elder Shrine,Harpist

This way you can increase your Facility by not using its resource and counter the opponents Facilities making it much more powerful and utilizable

Until then im going to remove this crippler out of my Alliance deck
Djinn on 11:01, 27. Sep, 2018
Looking at the times on these posts, you didn't post this after my message, but instead before. Why did you make two threads for this when you already had this one?
MeCho on 07:46, 28. Sep, 2018
I decided to make my list just after i posted this