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Djinn on 22:48, 22. Sep, 2018
If this card draws from your deck, it's strictly better than Danai present, a rare card, and if it draws from all cards, it's still compares favorably, since you can fairly easily use it to turn a less-useful hand of uncommon cards into an extremely useful hand full of rare cards.

You could increase the amount of resources it gives the opponent, but then it becomes an ingredient to Destruction victory using cards like Efreet or Catastrophe, which already have common summons and as rares presumably wouldn't be affected by this card.

It would probably be better with a Stock: -10, or as an actual cost, so the many rares you can draw will also usually be harder to play.
MeCho on 16:09, 28. Sep, 2018
Denai present messes up the opponents hand with 0 cost cards so the stock gained is completely negated for turns ahead and thats a bad comparison rather compare it to Necromancery Amplifier which does the same with Undead cards but you spend 7/7/7 instead of giving your opponent +12 Stock and yes in this situation increasing opponent Stock is better then reducing your own because you will need the Resource to play the upgraded cards but the difference is quite significant btw it would probably not work well with Resource reduction in fact i intended to use it with Wealth and Fair Trade.

While typing this i had a thought to make it a Rare without Stock increase effecting both players but thats a whole different card on itself

But for now:Effects clarified
Djinn on 05:38, 29. Sep, 2018
I didn't mean "Stock: -10 instead of Enemy Stock: +10 (or 12 now)" but instead "Stock: -10 and Enemy Stock: +10", for a total difference of 60 resources between you and your opponent (or more like 45-50 with good timing), putting this card closer to the strength of those summoned by Wishing lagoon... or, with your tweaks, about 3-4 Scepters of Summoning in a single turn, except much easier to play either way.

Those tweaks confirm the card as overpowered; since not only does it summon from your deck, but also doesn't scramble the rares already in hand, that means you can safely combine it with cards like Death Prophet and Magic Lamp— and as you said, Wealth and Fair Trade— to get an incredibly powerful deck, right up there with old Brigand, Tower-kill, or Sabotage+tower-building.

Hm, to weaken the combination with Death Prophet/Magic Lamp, how about instead of giving it "Stock: -10", you can make it cost 30 gems? That satisfies the 60 resource difference for the strength of the card, and also make it less likely to get used with Catastrophe and Efreet.

On the comparison with Necromancy Amplifier, it costs 2 stock more than you remember, and has the caveat of locking you into an Undead deck; the other undead cards have costs, balances, and problems with Holy decks to balance out getting a relatively cheap and strong uncommon card.

I suspect your comparison for Danai present is based on your experience with your much-used Farsight deck, and non-hidden games; it's a lot less useful when you don't know what you're making the opponent lose and don't know what you're giving them... and even when you do know, there are some Uncommon 0-cost cards that can do you more harm than good— in addition to the stock they get.

Edit: If you make that rare card, I recommend calling it "Heroism", and letting it keep the Stock+ for both players. Makes it like a version of Enlightenment for hands and stock instead of facilities and tower.
MeCho on 07:09, 29. Sep, 2018
I understood what you meant with the Stock -10 and did not find sufficient reasoning for it and i still dont.You say its worth 3-4 Scepters of Summoning and yes it can have this effect and even greater with enough Uncommons IF it didint give +12 Stock to the opponent

Now im not worried about Efreet i am however a little concerned with Catastrophe but i dont think adding gem cost would really fix anything you will only play Catastrophe once and that will be the game

Necromancery Amplifier provides +2 Stock effectively making it cost 7/7/7 as i said in a previous post about this card - in this particular card the effect 9/9/9 and +2 Stock or 7/7/7 has no difference because you will need more for your upgraded Undead cards all Gems and Recruits starved.Yes you are bound to Undead with this card but you will only have real problems with Holy less than 5% of the time the real problem with Undead is as their stereotyped - their slow and predictable nevertheless the Undead do pack a punch with my W/L record of 96/51 placing it at second of best WL ratio out of 20+ of my decks.Necromancery Amplifier does for Undead for the cost of 7/7/7 what this card does for any card for +12 Enemy Stock

Whether Danai Present hand crippling is worse then upgrade of your own is situational and debatable but id probably go with Danai present but considering that its a Rare card perhaps Galvanize does need a nerf but for now i dont see any reason for anything on your scale

It would be nice for a third party to join in the discussion.Perhaps he who made the status of the card interesting?

As for now i think that a addition +3 Stock MIGHT be reasonable
Changes:from Enemy Stock +12 to Enemy Stock +15
zitro1987 on 18:30, 7. Jun, 2020
I'd like the idea better if it only replaced common cards with uncommon cards (and weakens the effect of enemy stock gains)

The current effect may be very easy to exploit. I recommend this milder effect given the card is being proposed as uncommon.