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MeCho on 13:15, 12. Sep, 2018
Mirror Mode:Both players have a 50% chance to be selected at random.Then a random deck from the selected player playable deck list is selected and both players play that same deck.

Chaotic Mode:Both players play with randomly generated Deck with no support keyword cards with Brick Gem Recruits cost per turn of the deck at 3(+- 0.5)
It would make semse that some cards would be always included or have increased chance of appearing

i suggest these:

Common:Barbz pupil,Black Market,Magic spring.
Uncommon:Veteran Militia,Succubus,Wishing Lagoon,Auxilia,Intrigue
Rare:Academy,Anomaly Sphere,Crystal Cavern,Master of the past,Order of The White Lotus,Regulator.

Increased Appearance:
Common: 2 of these:Shifting Mass,Tribute,Chaos Gargoyle,Dopleganger.
Uncommon:3 of these:Confusion,Dream shift,Second Chance,Mediator,Rejuvenation,Mirror Strike,Shapeshifter,Scepter of Evolution,University
Rare:3 of these:Evolution,Gate of Babylon,Micramix,Spirit of Air,Samurai Princess,Residance of Gods.

Chaotic Mirror Mode:
Same as Chaotic just both players are given the same deck.