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MeCho on 10:31, 12. Sep, 2018
So I have felt creative again and i know it will probably never see daylight but it was still fun making it :) i have made 2 types of it so here they are:


When Chaos card is played after playing a non common Chaos card

One random effect Based on played rarity:
Common:Replace one of your lowest rarity non Chaos non Rare card in hand with Chaos
Uncommon:If Enemy Tower>Max Tower/2 Enemy Tower -10
Rare:Enemy Highest Facility -1
(Only 1 will be chosen)

in addition one random effect chosen from the number Round is divisible by:
1:Enemy highest resource -4
2:Enenmy lowest resource -6
3:Replace highest rarity card in opponents hand with a card from your deck of the same rarity
5:Enemy Wall is reduced by 5 +1/2 of played card total cost

(Only 1 will be chosen)


If round is divisible by 7 Discard 1 of opponents card based on played card rarity:
(C-Can target C and U cards)
(U-Can target C U and R cards)
(R-Can target C U and R cards and will also replace one of your lowest rarity Non Rare Chaos card with the discarded card)

In addition opponent suffers one random effect based played card cost:
Bricks:Enemy loses Recruits based on played card rarity (C-2.U-4.R-8)
Gems:Enemy takes Tower damage based on played card rarity (C-1.U-3.R-6)
Recruits:Enemy loses Bricks based on played card rarity (C-2.U-5.R-10)
(Only 1 will be chosen)
3of0 on 16:39, 20. Sep, 2018
I love it! :D