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Djinn on 06:36, 14. Sep, 2018
This card seems rather sad to me, and as the 22nd least played rare, most players seem to agree; this is likely because it has a 50% chance of giving a card no Illusion deck will want to play (or if they do, not for several turns at least; the best that can happen is it gets discarded), and having a primary effect ('Attack:22') that Illusion decks aren't especially interested in (— they much prefer resources, the Veteran militia effect, or opponent-delaying cards, so they can play those rares). These issues are further compounded by how non-Illusion decks are even less equipped to handle rares from other decks or completely random rares, in addition to having a 50% chance of wasting the Illusion keyword effect completely instead of simply having dead-weight as a side-effect of using it.

One way of solving this would be to replace Wish with Dream shift, but however thematic and simple that solution may be, it brings Dreamweaver from bad to too good, potentially becoming one of those cards that ends up in too many decks.

Another solution would be trading the Attack for a different effect altogether, to make up for the chance of a poor draw, such as: replacing the matching card(s) with bad cards determined by the one summoned, triggering the Veteran militia effect on random other cards in hand, or having a +resources or +stock effect (such as based on the number of Illusion in hand).
(It could also keep some of the Attack, for theme, but that wouldn't be the reason to play it.)

A third solution would be to make it Quick (although that seems too little) or Swift (although that seems too much), like some distant cousin of Wind dragon that traded wind for dreams.

Of course, I am unsure what niche in general players might want this card to be in for the best game-balance, so these are only some ideas.