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Djinn on 13:45, 26. Aug, 2018
Mojko wrote:

- game achievement counter never exceeds the highest achievement condition
Before reading the Maintenance thread, this was something I was actually going to report as a bug, due to how all of my accounts Achievement meters but the Rares one are either well below the limit or well above it. It's only after reading I noticed all the meters above their limit are frozen as well. (It can be kinda misleading when looking at some players achievements to see counts from before this limit at more than twice the max, right beside ones that are exactly at the limit. [Like with mine, you might get the idea I played exactly 1500 rares and then stopped using them.])

theultramage wrote:
r2056 Card statistics are no longer updated when AI mode is active.
I've been wondering; should individual Deck win/loss ratios also not record games in AI mode? It seems kinda weird the deck listing will record games that were just testing, but at the same time it's nice to have such statistics when making a deck for one of the AI challenges and nothing else.