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Djinn on 18:38, 25. Aug, 2018
Hi, I finally came back here after four years and decided to reminisce with some AI games, whereupon I eventually encountered this;

I had 20 tower and 16 wall, so when they used Cannoneer I should have been left with 4 tower, but I'm suspicious that it actually calculated N to be 70, or the card description isn't accurate.
Mojko on 18:57, 25. Aug, 2018
Welcome back ;-), the card seems fine to me. According to your replay, your opponent dealt 70 damage to you and that's why you lost.
Djinn on 10:09, 26. Aug, 2018
Um, yes; that's the issue, since that's not what the card says it does. Currently, the description is:

Wall: -70
Attack: N
N = wall lost
In that game I didn't lose 70 wall; I lost 16, so it should only have done 16 damage.

If it was supposed to do 70 damage every time, then it would just be;

Wall: -70
Attack: 70

So either the description or the code for it needs fixing.

Edit(2 hours later): I only just figured out this probably should have been in the Development section; I was thinking of Development as for new stuff, and Support as for bugs and maintenance. Sorry!
sillenia on 17:08, 26. Aug, 2018
i think the confusion is you think it meams the wall you lost and in fact it means the wall the player playing the card lost
so after loosing 70 wall the player deals 70 damage
Djinn on 17:10, 26. Aug, 2018
Yeah; it looks like that was the problem. I thought it was a card that shot your enemy's own wall at them, punishing players trying to turtle.

Edit: Looking at the card list, I probably placed it in the same category as Demolition Troop, especially since they both are styled as gunpowder things.