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pierremez on 12:53, 3. May, 2018
Hello everybody !

As I play regularly MArcomage for 2 years now, I know by heart nearly all the cards of the game.
I looooooooove this game and at the same time, it becomes to bore me to see everytime the same cards.

I see many cards "concepts" waiting for approval.

I think we are all mature gamers, so we like to play together, not to cheat, respect each other, and play because we like to play (compared to play to win absolutely and by all means)

So, this is what I propose for the next future :
- what if we release 5 new cards "concepts" per player ? To renew our decks and games.
- each player that wants can create 5 cards that seem balanced for him (we are all adults), to enrich our current MArcomage pool (or choose 5 cards they already proposed as "concepts" to be released in the next future)

I would be really happy to express my creativity to release new concepts and play them. And be glad to see your funny creativity too !

What do you think ?

Cheers friends, have a great day,

PS : last update we had 3 cards. This was great and I personnaly think we can go further
PPS : it's definitely not a critic in my post. I really like this game and I very respectfully measure the work it is to create a stuff like this. Thank you !
ViperaEvanesco on 13:31, 3. May, 2018
Join the above. It would be great to expand card pool. For example, Demonic keyword has very few cards. But even better would be to release some new mechanics such as Freeze or Technic or smthg.
Best regards.
sillenia on 18:05, 3. May, 2018
i am all for new cards, but every card needs to be checked hard, so it does not destroy the balance. and since i guess they need to be checked in game it is probably not a good thing to relese too many new cards at once
3of0 on 21:41, 3. May, 2018
I LOVE the idea of having new cards to play with. But I also have a respect for the amount of time to get things stable. I really appreciate that this is very stable! I worry that a ton of new cards, abilities, etc... that are unchecked will make it very wild and unbalanced, regardless of how mature this community may seem.

Though, it might be nice to have a small update of a card or two every 3-6 months along with the occasional large update.
Mojko on 07:22, 4. May, 2018
I agree that releasing new cards is very exciting, however creating and balancing cards requires time and must not be rushed. The problem is that I'm really struggling with finding time for this project. I like the idea of releasing only few cards at a time, though.

There is a way for you to help out if you want. You can set up this application on your local computer and create the new cards yourself. Once they are done I will still need to review them but it's much less work for me. Card creation has been very simplified in the past 5 years and if you look at existing cards you should be able to make a new card. If someone is interested and wants to try it out, jut let me know and I can give you more information if necessary. You don't need to be a programmer to create new cards.
pierremez on 08:35, 4. May, 2018
Hey all,

I'm motivated to help out preparing new cards and downsize your workload Mojko.
You can tell me how to do when you have time.
I'm working like a dog until monday, so don't be surprised if I don't check my messages until then.

Have a great day guys,
DPsycho on 15:14, 4. May, 2018
I couldn't even imagine balancing and releasing that many cards at once.
Mojko on 18:58, 4. May, 2018
pierremez wrote:
Hey all,

I'm motivated to help out preparing new cards and downsize your workload Mojko.
You can tell me how to do when you have time.
I'm working like a dog until monday, so don't be surprised if I don't check my messages until then.

Have a great day guys,

Cool, first try following the installation instructions and let's see how it goes.
pierremez on 12:02, 13. May, 2018
Hi there !

It seems I can run my MArcomage server.

But I wonder if it's properly functionning ?

For exemaple : I have access to the cards section and I see all the cards already released, but for example the forum section sees each topic void.

Is it normal ?

And I can't login with my account "pierremez" -> login failed

Thanks for your help.
Cheers !
Mojko on 07:29, 14. May, 2018
Could you please post some screenshots of the reported issue?
pierremez on 09:10, 14. May, 2018
1) Here are some screenshots :

Welcome page, forum, concepts and cards.

You can see that the icons "home / messages / forum / ... / log-out" don't display (some weird stuff visible instead).

I can create a new user. It works. But can't see any other players ("players section" is empty. When I create a new user, I'm alone)

2) For the installation, I would add some words to the exhaustive install guide (words in bold):

------------7) enter "" into "URL of repository" input field, change "checkout directory" input field to "C:\wamp\www\arcomage". Finish the installation
------------8) Launch Wampserver. Then on Windows toolbar on the bottom of your environment screen click on the small WAMP server icon with left mouse button in the right bottom part of the screen should maybe click on the "show more" arrow button. A WAMP server menu will appear. Move mouse over 'PHP', then 'PHP extensions'. If 'php_xsl' extension is not enabled (doesn't have a check) enable it by clicking on it with left mouse button.
------------9) same modus operandi, in Wampserver menu, choose 'phpmyadmin' in the menu. Click on 'import'. Choose DB install script (located in 'arcomage/release/scripts/install_tables.sql') and execute it.
------------10) open 'release/config.php' with a text editor and change username value to 'root' be sure of typing the ' '

Mojko on 05:10, 15. May, 2018
You can't see any other players because that is your local installation that has a separate database. It shouldn't prevent you from making new cards, though.

There is one more thing you need to do and that is to create a vhost.

See vhost documentation for more details.

It's up to you how to name your vhost, but I recommend this config:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www/arcomage/release
<Directory "c:/wamp/www/arcomage/release/">
Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews
AllowOverride All
Require local

Restart your wampserver. Open this url in your browser:

You should see your local MArcomage application without broken layout.
pierremez on 18:29, 11. Jun, 2018

Seems to be working.

What are the next steps, sir ? :D
Mojko on 06:13, 12. Jun, 2018
Excellent :). Now you can create and test your cards. The cards are stored in release\xml\cards.xml

You just need a text editor to edit this file. It's human readable so you should be able to use existing cards as an example when creating new cards. Don't forget that you can use the cheat menu in game screen to test out your cards. The card images are located in release\img\cards. You need to place images for your new cards in there.

In case you break the application with an incorrect code, the error will be logged and stored in release\logs. You can read it or post it here and we can discuss.
pierremez on 16:46, 12. Jun, 2018
I Can't access the cheat menu with a level 1 user account.
(button not visible)
What level is needed ?

Can acess it on with my level 10 account.
Can't with my level 1 local account.

Do you know why ?

Except my point : PERFECT !
I'm really excited :))))))))))
Mojko on 07:32, 13. Jun, 2018
Go to the settings section and push the "Skip tutorial button". This will set your level to level 10 and will unlock cheat menu.
pierremez on 18:30, 7. Aug, 2018
Hey all,

Starting from next week I'm ready to test programming new cards.
I'll tell you when I'm confortable with it.

Have a good day !
Mojko on 05:54, 8. Aug, 2018
Nice! Good luck ;-).
Djinn on 12:38, 26. Aug, 2018
Congratz pierramez; you have succeeded where I failed.

I vaguely remember getting stuck trying to work out how to use the SVN on my system— every time I would usually spend hours playing Arcomage, I would instead spend those hours on reading documentation, until eventually it fell by the wayside in light of more pressing work... and playing the game went with it since I'd already broken the habit.

I don't even remember why it was I wanted to use it so badly after all this time.